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Congratulations, you have completed Lesson 1!

However, Lesson 1 is not the end.

After people obeyed the gospel, what happened and what did Jesus ask of His disciples?

  • God added them to Jesus' church (see Lesson 2).

  • They received the gift of the Holy Spirit (see Lesson 5).

  • They were told to walk in the light.

  • They were told to continue in the word.

  • They were told to love God and their neighbor.

  • They were told to teach the gospel & make disciples.

  • They were told to cast their burdens on Jesus.

  • They were told to worship in Spirit and in Truth.

  •  They were told not to forsake the assembly of the saints (see Lesson 2).

  • They were told to partake of the Lord's supper (see Lesson 2).

  • They were told to remain faithful until the end.

  • They were warned to avoid false teachers and evil.

And this is just the start. Read your New Testament cover to cover, again and again, to find out what Jesus wants for His people.

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