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You, O king, were looking and behold, there was a single great statue; that statue, which was large and of extraordinary splendor, was standing in front of you, and its appearance was awesome.  Daniel 2:31 (NAS)

In the king's dream, the king saw a large image or statue, having the following components: A head of fine gold. Its breast and arms were of silver. Its belly and thighs were of brass. Its legs were of iron. Its feet were part iron and part clay. "As for this image, its head was of fine gold, its breast and its arms of silver, its belly and its thighs of brass, its legs of iron, its feet part of iron, and part of clay." Daniel 2:32-33

As we will find out later, this image or statue in the king's dream wasn't a literal image or statue that was to come to the earth, but rather the image in the dream was meant to be a symbol or illustration to help the king understand things that would happen in the future.

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