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David Wins Over Different Nations

18 Later David attacked the Philistine people. He defeated them. He took the town of Gath and the other small towns around it from the Philistine people. 2Then David defeated the country of Moab. The Moabite people became David’s servants. They brought tribute* to David. 3David also fought against Hadadezer’s army. Hadadezer was the king of Zobah. David fought against that army all the way to the town of Hamath. David did this because Hadadezer tried to spread his kingdom all the way to the Euphrates River. 4David took from Hadadezer 1,000 chariots*, 7,000 chariot drivers, and 20,000 soldiers. David also crippled most of Hadadezer’s horses that were used for pulling chariots. But David saved enough horses to pull 100 chariots. 5The Aramean people from the city of Damascus came to help Hadadezer. Hadadezer was the king of Zobah. But David defeated and killed 22,000 Aramean soldiers. 6Then David put fortresses* in the city of Damascus in Aram. The Aramean people became David’s servants and brought tribute* to him. So the Lord gave victory to David everywhere he went. 7David took the gold shields from Hadadezer’s army leaders and brought them to Jerusalem. 8David also took much bronze from the towns of Tebah and Cun. Those towns belonged to Hadadezer. Later, Solomon used this bronze to make the bronze tank, the bronze columns, and other things made from bronze for the temple.* 9Tou was king of the city of Hamath. Hadadezer was the king of Zobah. Tou heard that David had defeated all of Hadadezer’s army. 10So Tou sent his son Hadoram to King David to ask for peace and to bless him. He did this because David had fought against Hadadezer and defeated him. Hadadezer had been at war with Tou before. Hadoram gave David all kinds of things made of gold, silver, and bronze. 11King David made those things holy and gave them to the Lord. David did the same thing with all the silver and gold he had gotten from Edom, Moab, the Ammonite people, the Philistine people, and Amalekite people. 12Abishai son of Zeruiah killed 18,000 Edomite people in the Valley of Salt. 13Abishai also put fortresses* in Edom and all the Edomite people became David’s servants. The Lord gave David victory everywhere he went.

David’s Important Officials

14David was king over all of Israel. He did what was right and fair for everyone. 15Joab son of Zeruiah was the commander of David’s army. Jehoshaphat son of Ahilud wrote about the things David did. 16Zadok and Abimelech were the priests. Zadok was Ahitub’s son, and Abimelech was Abiathar’s son. Shavsha was the scribe.* 17Benaiah was responsible for leading the Kerethite and Pelethite people.* Benaiah was Jehoiada’s son. And David’s sons were important officials. They served at King David’s side.

tribute Money and gifts paid by one king to the king that defeated him. chariot(s) A small wagon used in war. fortress(es) A building or city with tall, strong walls for protection. tribute Money and gifts paid by one king to the king that defeated him. temple The special building in Jerusalem for Jewish worship. scribe A man that wrote down and copied books and letters. He often became an expert at knowing the meaning of those writings (scriptures). Kerethite and Pelethite people These were the king’s bodyguards.

The Ammonites Shame David’s Men

19 Nahash was king of the Ammonite people. Nahash died, and his son became the new king. 2Then David said, “Nahash was kind to me, so I will be kind to Hanun, Nahash’s son.” So David sent messengers to comfort Hanun about the death of his father. David’s messengers went to the country of Ammon to comfort Hanun. 3But the Ammonite leaders said to Hanun, “Don’t be fooled. David didn’t really send these men to comfort you or to honor your dead father! No, David sent his servants to spy on you and your land. David really wants to destroy your country!” 4So Hanun arrested David’s servants and cut off their beards.* Hanun also cut their clothes off at the hip. Then he sent them away. 5David’s men were too embarrassed to go home. Some people went to David and told him what happened to his men. So King David sent this message to his men: “Stay in the town of Jericho until your beards grow again. Then you can come back home.” 6The Ammonite people saw they had caused themselves to become hated enemies of David. Then Hanun and the Ammonite people used 75,000 pounds* of silver to buy chariots* and chariot drivers from Mesopotamia.* They also got chariots and chariot drivers from the towns of Maacah and Zobah in Aram. 7The Ammonite people bought 32,000 chariots. They also paid the king of Maacah and his army to come and help them. The king of Maacah and his people came and set up a camp near the town of Medeba. The Ammonite people themselves came out of their towns and got ready for battle. 8David heard that the Ammonite people were getting ready for war. So he sent Joab and the whole army of Israel to fight the Ammonite people. 9The Ammonites came out and got ready for battle. They were near the city gate. The kings that had come to help stayed out in the fields by themselves. 10Joab saw that there were two army groups ready to fight against him. One group was in front of him and the other group was behind him. So Joab chose some of the best soldiers of Israel. He sent them out to fight against the army of Aram. 11Joab put the rest of the army of Israel under Abishai’s command. Abishai was Joab’s brother. Those soldiers went out to fight against the Ammonite army. 12Joab said to Abishai, “If the army from Aram is too strong for me, then you must help me. But if the Ammonite army is too strong for you, then I will help you. 13Let’s be brave and strong while we fight for our people and for the cities of our God! May the Lord do what he thinks is right.” 14Joab and the army with him attacked the army from Aram. The army from Aram ran away from Joab and his army. 15The Ammonite army saw that the army from Aram was running away, so they also ran away. They ran away from Abishai and his army. The Ammonites went back to their city, and Joab went back to Jerusalem. 16The Aramean leaders saw that Israel had defeated them. So they sent messengers to get help from the Aramean people living east of the Euphrates River. Shophach was the commander of Hadadezer’s army from Aram. Shophach also led those other Aramean soldiers. 17David heard the news that the people of Aram were gathering for battle. So David gathered all the people of Israel. David led them across the Jordan River. They came face to face with the Arameans. David got his army ready for battle and they attacked the Arameans. 18The Arameans ran away from the Israelites. David and his army killed 7,000 Aramean chariot drivers and 40,000 Aramean soldiers. David and his army also killed Shophach the commander of the Aramean army. 19When Hadadezer’s officers saw that Israel had defeated them, they made peace with David. They became David’s servants. So the Arameans refused to help the Ammonites again.

cut off their beards It was against the Law of Moses for an Israelite man to cut off his beard. 75,000 pounds Or, “34,000kg.” Literally, “1,000 kikars.” chariot(s) A small wagon used in war. Mesopotamia Literally, “Aram Naharaim.”

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