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Are you a beginner to the Bible, or an advanced student? We encourage your to take our online, interactive lessons to strengthen your Bible knowledge.

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Online Interactive Lessons
Bible Lessons
Jesus on the crossWant to know more about the Bible and about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit? We invite you to begin with Lesson 1 on the gospel...the good news of Jesus Christ.

Lesson 1 - The gospel of Jesus
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Bible Topics:

  • Lesson 1 - The Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Jesus wanted the gospel, the good news, to be delivered to all mankind.  In Matthew 24:14, Jesus said that the gospel would be preached to all nations before the end would come.  In Mark 16:15, Jesus tells His disciples to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.  As a result, this good news of Jesus is our first lesson. more>>
  • Lesson 2 - The Church that Jesus Built. Jesus said in Matthew 16:16-18 that His church would be built upon the fact that He (Jesus) is the Christ the son of the living God.  When Jesus established His church, we see from scripture its importance to Jesus...and also the patterns and/or elements of what Jesus wanted in His church (e.g. the organization, mission, attitudes, etc).  If our desire is to be a part of Jesus' church, then it is important to understand how the Bible describes the church that Jesus built. more>>
  • Lesson 3 - The One True God. Lessons on the gospel and the church assume that you have a fundamental understanding of God.  However, many people have never heard teachings about God, Jesus and/or the Holy Spirit.  This introductory lesson about God and what He has done will be an important study for all. more>>
  • Lesson 4 - Prayer. This lesson is intended to be an introduction to prayer and to give some basic information to enable the reader to begin a more productive prayer life. more>>
  • Lesson 5 - The Holy Spirit. There are many misconceptions today about who the Holy Spirit is...and the way He has worked and continues to work in people's lives.  This is a brief study that talks about the Holy Spirit from before today.  It examines what the scriptures say about the Spirit's interaction in people's lives. more>>
  • Lesson 6 - Faith. Faith is the assurance of things hoped for...the evidence of things not seen.  When it comes to God's promises about the second-coming, salvation, judgment and we have an accurate knowledge about these promises...and do we have faith in God's promises?  Do we really understand what faith is and where faith comes from? more>>

Bible Books:

  • The Book of Revelation. This brief introduction to the Book of Revelation encourages the reader to look closely at what the actual text of the Book of Revelation says.  Many writers have attempted to add to or to delete from this prophecy of Jesus Christ.  In this lesson, we'll learn the importance of the Book...and the importance of not adding to or taking away from it. more>>
  • Other Bible Books.  Many of the books in the Bible can be easily understood by just reading them.  We invite you to read each book beginning with the Easy-to-Read version that contains footnotes explaining most words and concepts.  Includes access to other Bible translations and languages. more>>
  • Read Bible By Email or Text Message.  Instead of reading online, receive a portion of the Bible either daily or weekly free on your cell phone, wireless device or email.  Click here for more information.