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A Warning About False Teachers

4 1The Holy Spirit* clearly says that in the later times some people will stop believing the [true] faith (teaching). Those people will obey spirits that tell lies. And those people will follow the teachings of demons.* 2Those teachings come through people that tell lies and trick other people. Those bad people cannot see what is right and what is wrong. It is like their understanding was destroyed by a hot iron. 3Those bad people say that it is wrong to marry. And they say that there are some foods that people must not eat. But God made those foods. And the people who believe and who know the truth can eat those foods with thanks. 4Everything that God made is good. Nothing that God made should be refused if it is accepted with thanks to God. 5Everything God made is made holy (pure) by what God has said and by prayer.

Be A Good Servant of Christ Jesus

6Tell these things to the brothers [and sisters] there. This will show that you are a good servant of Christ Jesus. You will show that you are made strong by the words of faith and good teaching that you have followed. 7People tell silly stories that don't agree with God's truth. Don't follow [what] those stories [teach]. But teach yourself to truly serve God. 8Training (teaching) your body helps you in some ways. But serving God helps you in every way. Serving God brings you blessings in this life and in the future life too. 9What I say is true, and you should fully accept it. 10This is why we work and struggle: We hope in the living God. He is the Savior of all people. And in a special way, he is the Savior of all those people who believe in him. 11Command and teach these things. 12You are young, but don't let any person treat you like you are not important. Be an example to show the believers how they should live. Show them with the things you say, with the way you live, with your love, with your faith, and with your pure life. 13Continue to read the Scriptures* to the people, strengthen them, and teach them. Do those things until I come. 14Remember to use the gift that you have. That gift was given to you through a prophecy* when the group of elders* put their hands on* you. 15Continue to do those things. Give your life to doing those things. Then all the people can see that your work is progressing (continuing). 16Be careful in your life and in your teaching. Continue to live and teach rightly. Then you will save yourself and those people who listen to your teaching.

Spirit, Holy Spirit Also called the Spirit of God, the Spirit of Christ, and the Comforter. Joined with God and Christ, he does God's work among people in the world. demon(s) Demons are evil spirits from the devil. Scriptures The Holy Writings--God's message to people through the writers of the Bible. prophecy Something said about Timothy's life before that thing happened. elder(s) A group of men chosen to lead a church. Also called "overseers" and "pastors" (shepherds), they have the work of caring for God's people (Acts 20:28; Eph. 4:11; Tit. 1:7,9). put their hands on A sign to show that Timothy was being given a special work of God.

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