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Paul and Barnabas Leave Cyprus (cont.)

32We tell you the Good News* about the promise God made to our fathers.* 33We are their children (descendants), and God has made this promise come true for us. God did this by raising Jesus from death. We also read about this in Psalm 2: 'You are my Son. Today I have become your Father.' Psalm 2:7

34God raised Jesus from death. Jesus will never go back to the grave and become dust. So God said: 'I will give you the true and holy promises that I made to David.' Isaiah 55:3 

35But in another place God says: 'You will not let [the body of] your Holy One rot in the grave.' Psalm 16:10 

36David did God's will during the time when he lived. Then he died. David was buried with his fathers. And his body did rot in the grave! 37But the One (Jesus) that God raised from death did not rot in the grave. 38-39Brothers, you must understand what we are telling you: You can have forgiveness of your sins through this One (Jesus). The law of Moses could not free you from your sins. But every person who believes [in Jesus] is free from all his sins through him (Jesus). 40The prophets* said some things would happen. Be careful! Don't let these things happen to you. The prophets said: 41'Listen, you people that doubt! You can wonder, but then go away and die; because during your time, I (God) will do something that you will not believe. You will not believe it, even if someone explains it to you!'" Habakkuk 1:5

42While Paul and Barnabas were leaving [the synagogue*], the people asked Paul and Barnabas to [come again] on the next Sabbath day* and tell them more about these things. 43After the meeting, many of the Jews followed Paul and Barnabas from that place. With the Jews there were many converts* to the Jewish religion. These converts also worshiped the true God. Paul and Barnabas were persuading them to continue trusting in God's grace (kindness). 44On the next Sabbath day,* almost all the people in the city came together to hear the word of the Lord. 45The Jews saw all these people there. So the Jews became very jealous. They said some very bad things and argued against the words that Paul said. 46But Paul and Barnabas spoke very boldly. They said, "We must speak the message* of God to you Jews first. But you refuse to listen. You are making yourselves lost--not worthy of having eternal life! So we will now go to the people of other nations! 47This is what the Lord (God) told us to do. The Lord said: 'I have made you to be a light for other nations, so that you can show the way of salvation to people all over the world.'" Isaiah 49:6 

48When the non-Jewish people heard Paul say this, they were happy. They gave honor to the message* of the Lord. And many of the people believed the message. These were the people chosen to have life forever. 49And so the message* of the Lord was being told through the whole country. 50But the Jews caused some of the important religious women and the leaders of the city to become angry and to be against Paul and Barnabas. These people did things against Paul and Barnabas and threw them out of town. 51So Paul and Barnabas shook the dust off their feet.* Then they went to the city of Iconium. 52But the followers [of Jesus in Antioch] were happy and full of the Holy Spirit.*

Good News, message The news that God has made a way for people to have their sins forgiven and live with him forever. father(s) Important ancestors of the Jews; the leaders of the twelve Jewish family groups. prophets People that spoke for God. Some of them wrote books that are part of the Old Testament. synagogue(s) Synagogues were places where Jews gathered for prayer, study of the Scriptures, and other public meetings. Sabbath day The seventh day of the Jewish week. It was a special religious day for the Jews. converts People that changed their religion to become Jews. message, Good News The news that God has made a way for people to have their sins forgiven and live with him forever. shook the dust off their feet A warning. It showed that they were finished talking to these people. Spirit, Holy Spirit Also called the Spirit of God, the Spirit of Christ, and the Comforter. Joined with God and Christ, he does God's work among people in the world.

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