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Paul Plans a Trip

21After these things, Paul made plans to go to Jerusalem. Paul planned to go through the countries of Macedonia and Achaia, and then go to Jerusalem. Paul thought, "After I visit Jerusalem, I must also visit Rome." 22Timothy and Erastus were two of Paul's helpers. Paul sent them ahead to the country of Macedonia. Paul stayed in Asia* for a while.

Trouble in Ephesus

23But during that time, there was some bad trouble in Ephesus. This trouble was about the Way [of Jesus]. This is how it all happened: 24There was a man named Demetrius. He worked with silver. He made little silver models that looked like the temple* of the goddess Artemis.* The men that did this work made much money. 25Demetrius had a meeting with these men and some other men who did the same kind of work. Demetrius told them, "Men, you know that we make much money from our business. 26But look at what this man Paul is doing! Listen to what he is saying! Paul has influenced and changed many people. He has done this in Ephesus and all over the country of Asia.* Paul says the gods that men make are not real. 27These things that Paul says might turn the people against our work. But there is also another problem: People will begin to think that the temple of the great goddess Artemis is not important! Her greatness will be destroyed. Artemis is the goddess that everyone in Asia and the whole world worships." 28When the men heard this, they became very angry. They shouted, "Artemis,* the goddess of the city of Ephesus, is great!" 29All the people in the city became upset. The people grabbed Gaius and Aristarchus. (These two men were from Macedonia and were traveling with Paul.) Then all the people ran to the stadium. 30Paul wanted to go in and talk to the people, but the followers [of Jesus] did not let him go. 31Also, some leaders of the country were friends of Paul. These leaders sent him a message. They told Paul not to go into the stadium. 32Some people were yelling one thing and other people were yelling other things. The meeting was very confused. Most of the people did not know why they had come there. 33The Jews made a man named Alexander stand before the people. The people told him what to do. Alexander waved his hand because he wanted to explain things to the people. 34But when the people saw that Alexander was a Jew, they all began shouting the same thing. They continued shouting for two hours. The people said, "Great is Artemis of Ephesus! Great is Artemis of Ephesus! Great is Artemis ...!" 35Then the city clerk persuaded the people to be quiet. He said, "Men of Ephesus, all people know that Ephesus is the city that keeps the temple* of the great goddess Artemis.* All people know that we also keep her holy rock.* 36No person can say that this is not true. So you should be quiet. You must stop and think before you do anything. 37You brought these men,* but they have not said anything bad against our goddess. They have not stolen anything from her temple. 38We have courts of law and there are judges. Do Demetrius and those men that work with him have a charge against anyone? They should go to the courts! That is where they can argue with each other! 39Is there something else you want to talk about? Then come to the regular town meeting of the people. It can be decided there. 40I say this because some person might see this trouble today and say that we are rioting (making trouble). We could not explain all this trouble, because there is no real reason for this meeting." 41After the city clerk said these things, he told the people to go home. And all the people left.

Asia The western part of Asia Minor. temple The special building in Ephesus where the people worshiped the false goddess Artemis. Artemis Greek goddess worshiped by the people of Asia Minor. holy rock Probably a meteorite or rock that the people thought looked like Artemis and worshiped. men Gaius and Aristarchus, the men traveling with Paul.

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