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8 1Saul agreed that the killing of Stephen was a good thing.

Trouble for the Believers

2-3Some men that truly worshiped God buried Stephen. They cried very loudly for him. On that day the Jews began to persecute* the group of believers in Jerusalem. The Jews made them suffer very much. Saul was also trying to destroy the group. Saul went into their houses. He dragged out men and women and put them in jail. All the believers left Jerusalem. Only the apostles* stayed. The believers went to different places in Judea and Samaria. 4The believers were scattered everywhere. Every place the believers went they told people the Good News.*

Philip Tells the Good News in Samaria

5Philip* went to the city of Samaria. He told people about the Christ.* 6The people there heard Philip and saw the miracles* he was doing. They all listened carefully to the things Philip said. 7Many of these people had evil spirits [from the devil] inside them. But Philip made the evil spirits leave them. The spirits made a loud noise when they came out. There were also many weak and crippled people there. Philip made these people well, too. 8The people in that city were very happy because of this. 9But there was a man named Simon in that city. Before Philip came there, Simon did magic tricks. He amazed all the people of Samaria with his tricks. Simon boasted and called himself a great man. 10All the people--the least important and the most important--believed the things Simon said. The people said, "This man has the power of God that is called 'the Great Power'!" 11Simon amazed the people with his magic tricks so long that the people became his followers. 12But Philip told the people the Good News* about the kingdom of God and the power of Jesus Christ. Men and women believed Philip. They were baptized.* 13Simon himself also believed and was baptized. Simon stayed very close to Philip. He saw the miracles* and the very powerful things that Philip did. Simon was amazed. 14The apostles* were still in Jerusalem. They heard that the people of Samaria had accepted the word of God. So the apostles sent Peter and John to the people in Samaria. 15When Peter and John arrived, they prayed for the Samaritan believers to receive the Holy Spirit.* 16These people had been baptized* in the name of the Lord Jesus. But the Holy Spirit had not yet come down on any of them. This is why Peter and John prayed. 17The two apostles put their hands on* the people. Then the people received the Holy Spirit. 18Simon saw that the Spirit* was given to people when the apostles* put their hands on them. So Simon offered the apostles money. 19Simon said, "Give me this power so that when I put my hands on a person, he will receive the Holy Spirit.*" 20Peter said to Simon, "You and your money should both be destroyed! You thought you could buy God's gift with money. 21You cannot share with us in this work. Your heart is not right before God. 22Change your heart! Turn away from this bad thing you have done. Pray to the Lord (God). Maybe he will forgive you for thinking this. 23I see that you are full of bitter jealousy and ruled by sin." 24Simon answered, "Both of you pray for me to the Lord (God). Pray that the things you have said will not happen to me!" 25Then the two apostles* told the people the things they had seen [Jesus do]. The apostles told the people the message* of the Lord. Then they went back to Jerusalem. On the way they went through many Samaritan towns and told people the Good News* to the people.

persecute To persecute is to hurt or do bad things to. apostles The men Jesus chose to be his special helpers. Good News, message The news that God has made a way for people to have their sins forgiven and live with him forever. Philip Not the apostle named Philip. Christ The "anointed one" (Messiah) or chosen one of God. miracle(s) Miracles are amazing works done by God's power. baptized A Greek word meaning to be immersed, dipped, or buried briefly under water. Spirit, Holy Spirit Also called the Spirit of God, the Spirit of Christ, and the Comforter. Joined with God and Christ, he does God's work among people in the world. put their hands on Here, doing this showed that the apostles had God's authority or power to give people the special powers of the Holy Spirit. message, Good News The news that God has made a way for people to have their sins forgiven and live with him forever.

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