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17 My spirit is broken; I am ready to give up. My life is almost gone, the grave is waiting for me. 2People stand around me and laugh at me. I watch them as they tease and insult me. 3“God, show me that you really support me. No other person will support me. 4You have closed my friends’ minds and they don’t understand. Please don’t let them win. 5You know what people say, ‘A man neglects his own children to help his friends.’* But my friends have turned against me. 6God has made my name a bad word to everyone. People spit in my face. 7My eyes have become almost blind because I am very sad and in great pain. My whole body has become very thin, like a shadow. 8Good people are upset about this. Innocent people are upset at people that don’t care about God. 9But good people continue to live right. Innocent people will become stronger. 10“But come on, all of you, try to show me that it is all my fault. None of you are wise. 11My life is passing away. My plans are destroyed. My hope is gone. 12But my friends are all mixed up. They think night is day. They think darkness drives away the light. 13“I might hope for the grave to be my new home. I might hope to make my bed in the dark grave. 14I might say to the grave, ‘You are my father,’ and to the worms, ‘My mother,’ or ‘My sister.’ 15But if that is my only hope then I have no hope at all. If that is my only hope then people have found me no hope at all. 16{Will my hope die with me?} Will it also go down to the place of death? Will we go down into the dirt together?”

You know … friends Literally, “He promises a share to his friends and his children’s eyes go blind.”

Bildad Answers Job

18 Then Bildad from Shuah answered: 2“Job, when will you stop talking? Be quiet and listen. Let us say something. 3Why do you think we are stupid like dumb cows? 4Job, your anger is only hurting yourself. Should people leave the earth just for you? Do you think God will move mountains just to satisfy you? 5“Yes, the evil person’s light will go out. His fire will stop burning. 6The light in his house will become dark. The lamp next to him will go out. 7His steps won’t be strong and fast again. But he will walk slowly and be weak. His own evil plans will make him fall. 8His own feet will lead him into a trap. He will walk into a trap and be caught. 9A trap will catch his heel. A trap will hold him tight. 10A rope in the ground will trap him. A trap is waiting in his path. 11Terror is waiting for him all around. Fears will follow every step he takes. 12Bad troubles are hungry for him. Ruin and disaster are ready for him when he falls. 13Terrible sickness will eat away his skin. It will rot his arms and legs. 14The evil person will be taken away from the safety of his house. He will be led away to meet the king of terrors. 15He will have nothing left in his house. Why? Burning sulfur will be scattered all through his home. 16His roots below will dry up, and his branches above will die. 17People on earth won’t remember him. No person remembers him anymore. 18People will push him away from light into the darkness. They will chase him out of this world. 19He will have no children or grandchildren. None of his family will be left alive. 20People in the west will be shocked when they hear what happened to the evil person. People in the east will be numb with fear. 21That really will happen to the evil person’s home. This is what will happen to the person that does not care about God!”

Job Answers

19 Then Job answered: 2“How long will you hurt me and break me with words? 3You have insulted me ten times now. You show no shame when you attack me! 4Even if I have sinned, it is my problem. It does not hurt you. 5You just want to make yourselves look better than me. You say that my troubles are my own fault. 6But it is God who did wrong to me. He set his trap to catch me. 7I shout, ‘He hurt me!’ But I get no answer. Even if I call loudly for help, no person hears my cry for fairness. 8God has blocked my way so I can’t go through. He has hidden my path in darkness. 9God took away my honor. He took the crown from my head. 10God hits me from every side until I am finished. He takes away my hope like a tree pulled up by the roots. 11God’s anger burns against me. He calls me his enemy. 12God sends his army to attack me. They build attack towers around me. They camp around my tent. 13“God has made my brothers hate me. I am a stranger to all my friends. 14My relatives have left me. My friends have forgotten me. 15Visitors in my home and my girl servants look at me like I am a stranger and a foreigner. 16I call for my servant, but he does not answer. Even if I beg for help, my servant will not answer. 17My wife hates the smell of my breath. My own brothers hate me. 18Even little children make fun of me. When I come near them, they say bad things to me. 19All my close friends hate me. Even the people I love turned against me. 20“I am so thin, my skin hangs loose on my bones. I have little life left in me. 21“Pity me, my friends, pity me! Why? Because God is against me. 22Why do you persecute me like God does? Don’t you get tired of hurting me? 23“I wish someone would remember what I say and write it in a book. I wish my words were written on a scroll. 24I wish the things I say were carved with an iron tool on lead or scratched on a rock so they would last forever. 25I know there is someone to defend me. I know he lives! And in the end he will stand here on earth and defend me. 26After I leave my body and my skin has been destroyed, I know I will still see God. 27I will see God with my own eyes. I myself, not someone else, will see God, and I can’t tell you how excited that makes me feel! 28“Maybe you will say, ‘We will bother Job. We will find a reason to blame him!’ 29But you yourselves should be afraid of the sword! Why? Because God punishes guilty people. God will use the sword to punish you. Then you will know that there is a time of judgment.”

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