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The People Wonder If Jesus Is the Christ

25Then some of the people that lived in Jerusalem said, "This is the man they are trying to kill. 26But he is teaching where everyone can see and hear him. And no person is trying to stop him from teaching. Maybe the leaders have decided that he really is the Christ.* 27But we know where this man's home is. And when the real Christ comes, no person will know where he comes from." 28Jesus was still teaching in the temple* area. Jesus said, "Yes, you know me and you know where I am from. But I have not come by my own authority. I was sent by the One (God) who is true. You don't know him. 29But I know him and I am from him. He sent me." 30When Jesus said this, the people tried to get him. But no person was able to touch Jesus. It was not yet the right time [for Jesus to be killed]. 31But many of the people believed in Jesus. The people said, "We are waiting for the Christ* to come. When the Christ comes, will he do more miracles* than this man (Jesus) has done? No! [So this man must be the Christ]."

The Jews Try to Arrest Jesus

32The Pharisees* heard these things the people were saying about Jesus. So the leading priests and the Pharisees sent some temple police to arrest Jesus. 33Then Jesus said, "I will be with you people a little while longer. Then I will go back to the One (God) who sent me. 34You will look for me, but you will not find me. And you cannot come where I am." 35The Jews said to each other, "Where will this man go that we cannot find him? Will he go to the Greek cities where our people live? Will he teach the Greek people there? 36This man (Jesus) says, 'You will look for me but you will not find me.' He also says, 'You cannot come where I am.' What does this mean?"

Jesus Talks About the Holy Spirit

37The last day of the festival came. It was the most important day. On that day Jesus stood and said with a loud voice, "If a person is thirsty, let him come to me and drink. 38If a person believes in me, rivers of living water will flow out from his heart. That is what the Scripture* says." 39Jesus was talking about the [Holy] Spirit.* The Spirit had not yet been given to people, because Jesus had not yet [died and] been raised to glory. But later, those people that believed in Jesus would receive the Spirit.

Christ The "anointed one" (Messiah) or chosen one of God. temple The special building in Jerusalem for Jewish worship. miracle(s) Miracles are amazing works done by God's power. Pharisees The Pharisees were a Jewish religious group that claimed to follow carefully all Jewish laws and customs. Scriptures Holy Writings--Old Testament. Holy Spirit Also called the Spirit of God, the Spirit of Christ, and the Comforter. Joined with God and Christ, he does God's work among people in the world.

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