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The Jews Don't Understand About Jesus

21Again, Jesus said to the people, "I will leave you. You will look for me, but you will die with your sin. You cannot come where I am going." 22So the Jews asked themselves, "Will Jesus kill himself? Is that why he said, 'You cannot come where I am going'?" 23But Jesus said to those Jews, "You people are from here below. But I am from above. You belong to this world, but I don't belong to this world. 24I told you that you would die with your sins. Yes, you will die with your sins, if you don't believe that I AM.*" 25The Jews asked, "Then who are you?" Jesus answered, "I am what I have told you from the beginning. 26I have many things to say about you. I could judge you. But I tell people only the things I have heard from the One that sent me. And he speaks the truth." 27The people did not understand who Jesus was talking about. Jesus was telling them about the Father (God). 28So Jesus said to the people, "You will lift up (kill) the Son of Man.* Then you will know that I AM.* You will know that these things I do are not by my own authority (power). You will know that I say only the things that the Father has taught me. 29The One (God) who sent me is with me. I always do what pleases him. So he has not left me alone." 30While Jesus was saying these things, many people believed in him.

Jesus Talks About Freedom from Sin

31So Jesus said to the Jews that believed in him, "If you continue to obey my teaching, then you are truly my followers. 32Then you will know the truth. And the truth will make you free." 33The Jews answered, "We are Abraham's* people. And we have never been slaves. So why do you say that we will be free?" 34Jesus answered, "I tell you the truth. Every person that sins is a slave. Sin is his master. 35A slave does not stay with a family forever. But a son belongs to the family forever. 36So if the Son makes you free, then you will be truly free. 37I know you are Abraham's* people. But you want to kill me. Why? Because you don't want to accept my teaching. 38I am telling you what my Father has shown me. But you do the things that your father has told you." 39The Jews said, "Our father* is Abraham." Jesus said, "If you were really Abraham's* children, then you would do the things Abraham did. 40I am a man who has told you the truth I heard from God. But you are trying to kill me. Abraham did nothing like that. 41So you are doing the things your own father did." But the Jews said, "We are not like children that never knew who their father was. God is our Father. He is the only Father we have." 42Jesus said to those Jews, "If God were really your Father, then you would love me. I came from God, and now I am here. I did not come by my own authority. God sent me. 43You don't understand these things I say. Why? Because you cannot accept my teaching. 44Your father is the devil. You belong to him. You want to do what he wants. The devil was a murderer from the beginning. He was always against the truth. There is no truth in him. He is like the lies he tells. Yes, the devil is a liar. He is the father of lies. 45I speak the truth. That is why you don't believe me. 46Can any of you prove that I am guilty of sin? If I tell the truth, then why don't you believe me? 47The person that belongs to God accepts what God says. But you don't accept what God says, because you don't belong to God."

I AM This is like the name of God used in Ex. 3:14, but it can also mean "I am he (the Christ)." Son of Man A name Jesus used for himself. In Dan. 7:13-14, this is the name for the Messiah, the one God chose to save his people. Abraham The most respected ancestor of the Jews. fathers Important ancestors of the Jews, especially the leaders of the twelve Jewish family groups. 

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