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The Virgin Mary

26-27During Elizabeth's sixth month of pregnancy, God sent the angel Gabriel to a virgin* girl that lived in Nazareth, a town in Galilee. The girl was engaged to marry a man named Joseph from the family of David.* Her name was Mary. 28The angel came to her and said, "Greetings! The Lord (God) is with you. You are very special to him." 29But Mary was very confused about what the angel said. Mary wondered, "What does this mean?" 30The angel said to her, "Don't be afraid, Mary, because God is very pleased with you. 31Listen! You will become pregnant. You will give birth to a baby boy. And you will name him Jesus. 32He will be great (important). People will call him the Son of the Most High (God). The Lord God will give him the authority of David,* his ancestor. 33Jesus will rule over the people of Jacob forever. Jesus' kingdom will never end." 34Mary said to the angel, "How will this happen? I am still a virgin*!" 35The angel said to Mary, "The Holy Spirit* will come to you and the power of the Most High (God) will cover you. The baby will be holy. He will be called the Son of God. 36Also, your relative Elizabeth is pregnant. She is very old, but she is going to have a son. Everyone thought she could not have a baby, but she has been pregnant now for six months! 37God can do anything!" 38Mary said, "I am the servant girl of the Lord (God). Let this thing you have said happen to me!" Then the angel went away.

Mary Visits Zechariah and Elizabeth

39Mary got up and went quickly to a town in the hill country of Judea. 40She went into Zechariah's house and greeted Elizabeth. 41When Elizabeth heard Mary's greeting, the unborn baby inside Elizabeth jumped. Then Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit.* 42Elizabeth said with a loud voice, "God has blessed you (Mary) more than any other woman. And God has blessed the baby which you will give birth to. 43You are the mother of my Lord, and you have come to me! Why has something so good happened to me? 44When I heard your voice, the baby inside me jumped with joy. 45You are blessed because you believed what the Lord (God) said to you. You believed this would happen."

Mary Praises God

46Then Mary said, 47"My soul praises the Lord (God); my heart is happy because God is my Savior. 48I am not important. But God has shown his care for me, his servant girl. From now on, all people will say that I am blessed, 49because the Powerful One (God) has done great things for me. His name is very holy. 50God always gives mercy to those people that worship him. 51God reached out his arm and showed his power: He scattered those people that are proud and think great things about themselves. 52God brought down rulers from their thrones, and he raised up the humble people. 53God filled the hungry people with good things, but he sent the [selfishly] rich people away with nothing. 54God has helped Israel--the people he chose to serve him. He gave us his mercy. 55God has done what he promised to our ancestors,* to Abraham,* and to his children forever." 56Mary stayed with Elizabeth for about three months. Then Mary went home.

virgin A girl that is not married and has never had sexual relations. David King of Israel about 1000 years before Christ. virgin A girl that is not married and has never had sexual relations. Holy Spirit Also called the Spirit of God, the Spirit of Christ, and the Comforter. Joined with God and Christ, he does God's work among people in the world. ancestors Literally, "fathers," meaning a person's parents, grandparents, and all the people they are descended from. Abraham The most respected ancestor of the Jews. 

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