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Jesus Heals a Blind Man In Bethsaida

22Jesus and his followers came to Bethsaida. Some people brought a blind man to Jesus. They begged Jesus to touch the man. 23So Jesus held the blind man's hand and led him out of the village. Then Jesus spit on the man's eyes. Jesus put his hands on the blind man and asked him, "Can you see now?" 24The blind man looked up and said, "Yes, I see people. They look like trees walking around." 25Again Jesus put his hands on the blind man's eyes. Then the man opened his eyes wide. His eyes were healed, and he was able to see everything clearly. 26Jesus told him to go home. Jesus said, "Don't go into the town."

Peter Says that Jesus Is the Christ

27Jesus and his followers went to the towns in the area of Caesarea Philippi. While they were traveling, Jesus asked the followers, "Who do people say I am?" 28The followers answered, "Some people say you are John the Baptizer. Other people say you are Elijah.* And other people say that you are one of the prophets.*" 29Then Jesus asked, "Who do you say I am?" Peter answered, "You are the Christ.*" 30Jesus told the followers, "Don't tell any person who I am."

Jesus Says He Must Die

31Then Jesus began to teach his followers that the Son of Man* must suffer many things. Jesus taught that the Son of Man would not be accepted by the older Jewish leaders, the leading priests, and the teachers of the law. Jesus taught that the Son of Man must be killed and then rise from death after three days. 32Jesus told them everything that would happen. He did not keep anything secret. Peter spoke to Jesus alone. Peter criticized Jesus for saying [those things]. 33But Jesus turned and looked at his followers. Then he criticized Peter. Jesus said to Peter, "Go away from me, Satan*! You don't care about the things of God. You care only about things that people think are important." 34Then Jesus called the people to him. His followers were also there. Then Jesus said, "If any person wants to follow me, he must say 'No' to the things he wants. That person must accept the cross (suffering) that is given to him, and he must follow me. 35The person that wants to save his life will lose it. And every person that gives his life for me and for the Good News* will save his life forever. 36It is worth nothing for a person to have the whole world, if he loses his soul [in hell]. 37A person could never pay enough to buy back his soul. 38The people that live now are living in a sinful and evil time. If any person is ashamed of me and my teaching, then I* will be ashamed of that person. I will be ashamed of that person at the time I come with the glory of my Father and the holy angels."

Elijah A man that spoke for God about 850 B.C. prophets People that spoke for God. Christ The "anointed one" (Messiah) or chosen one of God. Son of Man A name Jesus used for himself. In Dan. 7:13-14, this is the name for the Messiah, the one God chose to save his people. Satan Name for the devil meaning "the enemy." Jesus means that Peter was talking like Satan. Good News The news that God has made a way for people to have their sins forgiven and live with him forever. I Literally, "the Son of Man."

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