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Jesus Seen with Moses and Elijah (Mk. 9:2-13; Lk. 9:28-36)

17 1Six days later, Jesus took Peter, James, and John the brother of James and went up on a high mountain. They were all alone there. 2While these followers watched him, Jesus was changed. His face became bright like the sun. And his clothes became white as light. 3Then two men were there, talking with Jesus. The men were Moses and Elijah.* 4Peter said to Jesus, "Lord, it is good that we are here. If you want, I will put three tents here--one for you, one for Moses, and one for Elijah." 5While Peter was talking, a bright cloud came over them. A voice came from the cloud. The voice said, "This (Jesus) is my Son and I love him. I am very pleased with him. Obey him!" 6The followers with Jesus heard this voice. They were very afraid, so they fell to the ground. 7But Jesus came to the followers and touched them. Jesus said, "Stand up. Don't be afraid." 8The followers looked up, and they saw Jesus was now alone. 9Jesus and the followers were walking down the mountain. Jesus commanded the followers, "Don't tell any person about the things you saw on the mountain. Wait until the Son of Man* has been raised from death. Then you can tell people about what you saw." 10The followers asked Jesus, "Why do the teachers of the law say that Elijah* must come* first [before the Christ* comes]?" 11Jesus answered, "They are right to say that Elijah is coming. And it is true that Elijah will make all things the way they should be. 12But I tell you, Elijah has already come. People did not know who he was. People did to him all the [bad] things they wanted to do. It is the same with the Son of Man.* Those same people will make the Son of Man suffer." 13Then the followers understood that Jesus meant that John the Baptizer was really Elijah.

Jesus Heals a Sick Boy (Mk. 9:14-29; Lk. 9:37-43a)

14Jesus and the followers went back to the people. A man came to Jesus and bowed before him. 15The man said, "Lord, be kind to my son. He has epilepsy* and is suffering very much. My son often falls into the fire or into the water. 16I brought my son to your followers, but they could not heal him." 17Jesus answered, "You people have no faith. Your lives are all wrong. How long must I stay with you? How long must I continue to be patient with you? Bring the boy here." 18Jesus gave a strong command to the demon* inside the boy. Then the demon came out of the boy, and the boy was healed. 19Then the followers came to Jesus alone. They said, "We tried to force the demon* out of the boy, but we could not. Why were we not able to make the demon go out?" 20Jesus answered, "You were not able to make the demon* go out, because your faith is too small. I tell you the truth. If your faith is as big as a mustard seed,* then you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there.' And it will move. All things will be possible for you." 21*

Jesus Talks About His Death (Mk. 9:30-32; Lk. 9:43b-45)

22Later, the followers met together in Galilee. Jesus said to the followers, "The Son of Man* will be given into the control of men. 23Those men will kill the Son of Man. But on the third day the Son of Man will be raised from death." The followers were very sad [to hear that Jesus would be killed].

Jesus Teaches About Paying Taxes

24Jesus and his followers went to Capernaum.* In Capernaum some men came to Peter. They were the men that collected the two-drachma tax.* They asked, "Does your teacher pay the two-drachma tax?" 25Peter answered, "Yes, Jesus pays the tax." Peter went into the house where Jesus was. Before Peter could speak, Jesus said to him, "The kings on the earth get different kinds of taxes from people. But who are the people that pay the taxes? Are these people the king's children? Or is it other people that pay the taxes? What do you think?" 26Peter answered, "The other people pay the taxes." Jesus said, "Then the children of the king don't have to pay taxes. 27But we don't want to make these tax collectors angry. So [pay the tax in this way]: Go to the lake and fish. After you catch the first fish, open the fish's mouth. Inside its mouth you will find a four-drachma coin. Take that coin and give it to the tax collectors. That will pay the tax for you and me.

Moses and Elijah Two important Jewish leaders in the past. Son of Man A name Jesus used for himself. In Dan. 7:13-14, this is the name for the Messiah, the one God chose to save his people. Elijah A man that spoke for God about 850 B.C. Elijah must come See Mal. 4:5-6. Christ The "anointed one" (Messiah) or chosen one of God. epilepsy A sickness that causes a person sometimes to lose control of his body. demon(s) Demons are evil spirits from the devil. mustard seed This seed is very, very small, but the plant grows taller than a man. Verse 21 Some Greek copies add verse 21: "That kind of spirit comes out only if you use prayer and fasting." Capernaum A town in Galilee where Jesus taught. two-drachma tax A tax that every Jew had to pay once each year for the temple.

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