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14 The wise woman uses her wisdom to make her home what it should be. But the foolish woman destroys her home by the foolish things she does. 2The person who lives right respects the Lord. But the person who is not honest hates the Lord. 3A foolish person’s words cause him trouble. But the words of a wise person protect him. 4If there are no cows to do the work, then the barn will be empty. The people can use the strength of a cow to have a great harvest. 5A truthful person does not lie—he is a good witness. But a person that can’t be trusted never tells the truth—he is a bad witness. 6People who make fun of God might look for wisdom, but they will never find it. {People who believe God} are truly wise. Knowledge comes easy to them. 7Don’t become friends with a foolish person. There is nothing he can teach you. 8Smart people are wise because they think carefully about the things they do. But foolish people are fools because they think they can live by cheating.  9A foolish person laughs at the idea of paying for the bad things he did. But good people try very hard to get forgiveness. 10If a person is sad, he is the only one that can feel that sadness. In the same way, if a person is happy, he is the only one that can feel that joy. 11The house of an evil person will be destroyed. But the home of a good person will live forever. 12There is a way that people think is right. But that way leads only to death. 13A person might be sad, even if he is laughing. And after the laughter, the sadness will still be there. 14Evil people will be fully paid (punished) for the wrong things they do. And good people will be fully rewarded for the good things they do. 15A fool will believe anything he hears. But a wise man thinks carefully about everything. 16A wise man respects the Lord and stays away from evil. But a foolish man does things without thinking—he is not careful. 17A person who becomes angry easily does foolish things. But a wise person is patient. 18Foolish people are punished for their foolishness. But wise people are rewarded with knowledge. 19Good people will win against evil people. Evil people will be forced to bow down to them. 20A poor person has no friends, not even his neighbor. But rich people have many friends. 21You should not think bad things about your neighbors. If you want to be happy, be kind to those poor people. 22Any person who plans to do evil is doing wrong. But the person that tries to do good will have friends that love and trust him. 23If you work hard, then you will have the things you need. But if you do nothing but talk, then you will be poor. 24Wise people are rewarded by wealth. But foolish people are rewarded by foolishness. 25A person who tells the truth helps other people. The person who tells lies hurts other people. 26The person who respects the Lord is safe and his children also live in safety. 27Respect for the Lord gives true life. It saves a person from death’s trap. 28A large {wealthy} nation brings honor to a king, but a nation suffering famine brings shame.* 29A patient person is very smart. A person who is easily angered shows that he is a fool. 30If a person has peace in his mind, then his body will be healthy. But jealousy causes sickness in his body. 31The person that causes trouble for poor people shows that he does not respect God—God made both people. But if a person is kind to poor people, then he shows honor to God. 32During times of trouble, evil people are defeated. But good people win a victory even during death. 33A wise person is always thinking wise things. But a foolish person knows nothing about wisdom. 34Goodness makes a nation great. But sin is a shame to any people. 35A king is happy when he has wise leaders. But a king is angry with leaders that are foolish.

shame Literally, “nothing.”  

15 A peaceful answer causes anger to disappear. But a rough answer causes anger to grow. 2When a wise person speaks, other people want to listen. But a foolish person speaks only foolishness. 3The Lord sees what happens everywhere. The Lord watches every person—good and evil. 4Kind words are like a Tree of Life.* But lying words will crush a man’s spirit. 5A foolish person refuses to listen to his father’s advice. But a wise person listens closely when people try to teach him. 6Good people are rich in many things. But the things that an evil person has only cause him trouble. 7Wise people say things that give you new information. But foolish people say nothing worth hearing. 8The Lord hates the offerings that evil people give. But the Lord is happy to hear a good person’s prayers.  9The Lord hates the way evil people live. The Lord loves people who try to do good. 10If a person begins to live wrong, then he will be punished. And the person that hates to be corrected will be destroyed. 11The Lord knows everything, even what happens in the place of death. So surely the Lord will know what happens in the hearts and minds of people. 12The foolish person hates to be told when he is wrong. And that person refuses to ask wise people for advice. 13If a person is happy, then his face will show joy. But if a person is sad in his heart, then his spirit will show that sadness. 14A wise person tries to gain more knowledge. But a foolish person only wants more foolishness. 15Some poor people are sad all the time. But for people with happiness in their hearts, life is one big party. 16It is better to be poor and respect the Lord than to be rich and have many troubles. 17It is better to eat a little in a place where there is love, than to eat a lot where there is hate. 18People that are easily angered cause trouble. But a patient person causes peace. 19A lazy person will have trouble everywhere. But life will be easy for honest people. 20A wise son brings happiness to his father. But a foolish person brings shame to his mother. 21Doing foolish things makes a foolish person happy. But a wise person is careful to do the things that are right. 22If a person does not get enough advice, then his plans will fail. But a person will succeed if he listens to the things wise people tell him. 23A person is happy when he gives a good answer. And the right word at the right time is very good. 24The things a wise person does leads to life here on earth* and stop him from going down to the place of death. 25The Lord will destroy everything a proud person has. But the Lord protects the things that a widow has. 26The Lord hates evil thoughts. But the Lord is happy with kind words. 27If a person cheats to get things, then he will bring trouble to his family. But if a person is honest, then he will have no trouble. 28Good people think before they answer. But evil people speak before they think, and that causes them trouble. 29The Lord is far away from evil people. But he always hears the prayers of good people. 30A person that smiles makes other people happy. And good news makes people feel better. 31A person is very wise if he listens when someone tells him that he has done wrong. 32If a person refuses to learn, then he is only hurting himself. But the person who listens when someone tells him he is wrong, will understand more and more. 33The person who respects the Lord is learning to be wise. A person must be humble before he can truly respect the Lord.

Tree of Life The tree whose fruit gives people the power to live forever. See Gen. 3:22 and Rev. 22:1-2. here on earth Literally, “above,” that is, “above the ground (grave).”

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