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18 Some people like to do things their own way. They get upset when people give them advice. 2A foolish person doesn’t want to learn from other people. That person only wants to tell his own ideas. 3People don’t like an evil person. People make fun of that foolish person. 4The words of a wise man are like water bubbling up from a deep well—the well of wisdom! 5{You must be fair in judging people.} If you let guilty people go free then you are not being fair to good people. 6A foolish person causes himself trouble with the things he says. His words can start fights. 7When a foolish person talks, he ruins himself. His own words trap him. 8People always want to hear gossip—it is like good food going down into the stomach. 9A person that does sloppy work is almost as bad as a person that destroys things. 10There is much strength in the name of the Lord. It is like a strong tower. Good people can run to him and be safe. 11Rich people think that their wealth will protect them. They think that it is like a strong fort. 12A proud person will soon be ruined. But an humble person will be honored. 13You should let other people finish speaking before you try to answer them. That way you won’t be embarrassed and appear foolish. 14A good attitude gives a person support when he is ill, but no one can cheer up* a person with a bad attitude. 15The wise person always wants to learn more. That person listens closely for more wisdom. 16If you want to meet an important person, give him a gift. Then you can easily get to meet him. 17The first person to speak always seems right until someone comes and questions him.  18If two powerful people are arguing, throwing lots* may be the best way to decide the argument. 19If you insult your friend, then he will be harder to win back than a city with strong walls. And arguments separate people like palace gates with strong bars across them. 20The things you say affect your life. If you say good things, then good things will happen to you. But if you say bad things, then bad things will happen to you. 21The tongue can speak words that bring life or death. And people who love to talk must be ready to accept what it brings. 22If you find a wife, then you have found a good thing. She shows that the Lord is happy with you. 23A poor person will beg for help, but a rich person is rude when he answers. 24Some friends are fun to be with.* But a close friend can be even better than a brother.

cheer up Literally, “lift up” or “heal.” lots Sticks, stones, or pieces of bone used like dice for making decisions. Some friends are fun to be with Or, “Some friends can bring disaster.”

19 It is better to be poor and honest than to be a fool that tells lies and cheats people. 2Being excited about something is not enough. You must also know what you are doing. You should not rush into something or you will do it wrong. 3A person’s own foolishness will ruin his life. But he will blame the Lord. 4If a person is rich, then his wealth will bring him many friends. But if a person is poor, all his friends will leave him. 5A person who tells a lie against another person will be punished. The person who tells lies will not be safe. 6Many people want to be friends with a generous person. Everyone wants to be the friend of a person who gives gifts. 7If a person is poor, then even his family is against him. And all of his friends turn away from him. That poor person can beg them for help. But they will not go near him. 8If a person really likes himself, then he will work hard to become wise. He will try hard to understand, and he will get his reward. 9A lying witness must be punished! The person who tells lies will be destroyed. 10A foolish person should not be rich. That would be like a slave ruling over princes. 11If a person is wise, that wisdom gives him patience. And it is wonderful when he forgives people who do wrong to him. 12Angry words from a king are like the roars of a lion. But compliments from him are like a gentle rain falling softly on the grass. 13A foolish son can bring a flood of troubles to his father. And a nagging wife is like water that won’t stop dripping. 14People get houses and money from their parents. But a good wife is a gift from the Lord. 15Laziness brings sleepiness. Trying to hide {a problem} brings more problems.* 16If a person obeys the law, then he protects himself. But the person that hates to live by the law will die by the law. 17Giving money to poor people is like loaning it to the Lord. The Lord will pay you back for being kind to them. 18Teach your son and punish him when he is wrong. That is the only hope. If you refuse to do this, then you are helping him destroy himself. 19A person with a short temper must pay the price. The more you get him out of trouble, the worse he becomes. 20Listen to advice and accept discipline. Then you will become wise. 21People get a lot of ideas, but only the Lord’s plan will happen. 22Everyone wants a true and loyal friend—it is better to be poor than a person that can’t be trusted. 23A person who respects the Lord has a good life. That person is satisfied with his life and doesn’t have to worry about troubles. 24Some people are too lazy to take care of themselves—they are too lazy to lift their food from their plate to their mouth! 25Some people show no respect for anything—those foolish people must be punished and forced to learn their lesson. But for a wise person, it’s enough just to tell them that they did wrong.  26A person who steals from his father and chases his mother away is a disgusting, shameful person. 27If you stop listening to instructions, then you will keep making stupid mistakes. 28A lying witness makes justice nothing but a joke! The things evil people say bring more evil. 29The person who thinks that he is better than other people will be punished. That foolish person must be punished!

Trying … problems Literally, “a deceptive soul brings hunger.”

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