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Wisdom Will Keep You from Adultery

7 My son, remember my words. Don’t forget the commands I give you. 2Obey my commands and you will have life. Make my teaching the most important thing in your life.  3{Keep my commands and teachings with you always.} Tie them around your fingers. Write them on your heart. 4Treat wisdom like a sister. Treat understanding like a part of your family.* 5Then they will protect you from the “other women.” They will protect you from their nice words that can lead you into sin. 6One day I was looking out my window 7at some foolish teenagers and noticed one that was especially foolish. 8He walked through the market place toward that bad woman’s corner and walked straight to her house. 9It was almost dark—the sun was setting. The night was beginning. 10The woman came out of the house to meet him. She was dressed like a prostitute.* She had plans for the young man. 11She was wild and rebellious. She wasn’t going to stay at home! 12She walked the streets. She went everywhere looking for trouble. 13She grabbed the young man and kissed him. Without any shame she looked him in the eye and said, 14“I had to offer a fellowship sacrifice today. I gave what I promised to give. 15{Now I have plenty of food.} So I came out to invite you to join me. I looked and looked for you. And now I found you! 16I put clean sheets on my bed. They are very beautiful sheets from Egypt. 17I put perfume on my bed. The myrrh, aloes, and cinnamon smell wonderful! 18Come, we can enjoy ourselves all night. We can make love until dawn. 19My husband is gone. He is away on a business trip. 20He took enough money with him for a long trip. He won’t come home for two weeks.*” 21The woman used those words to tempt the young man. Her smooth words tricked him. 22And the young man followed her to the trap. He was like a bull being led to the slaughter. He was like a deer walking into a trap, 23with a hunter ready to put an arrow through its heart. The boy was like a bird flying into a net. He didn’t know the danger he was in. 24Now sons, listen to me. Pay attention to the words I say. 25Don’t let your heart lead you toward an evil woman—don’t follow where she wants to lead you. Don’t follow her ways. 26She has caused many men to fall. She has destroyed many men. 27Her house is the place of death. Her path leads straight to death!

Treat … family Or, “Make wisdom your lover and understanding your closest relative.” prostitute A woman paid by men for sexual sin. Sometimes this also means a person who is not faithful to God and stops following him. He ... two weeks. Literally, “He won’t come home until the full moon.” The fellowship meal probably shows that this happened at the new moon, the first day of the Hebrew month.

Wisdom, the Good Woman

8 Listen! Wisdom and Understanding are calling for you to listen. 2They stand at the top of the hill by the road where the paths meet. 3They are near the gates of the city. They are calling out from the open doors. 4{Wisdom says,} “Men, I call out to you. I call out to all people. 5If you are foolish, learn to be wise. Foolish men, learn to understand. 6Listen! The things I teach are important. I tell you things that are right. 7My words are true. I hate evil lies. 8The things I say are right. There is nothing false or wrong in my words. 9All these sayings are clear to the person who has understanding. The person with knowledge understands these things. 10Accept my discipline. It is worth more than silver. It is worth more than the best gold. 11Wisdom is worth more than pearls. It is worth more than anything a person can want.”

What Wisdom Does

12“I am Wisdom. I live with good judgment. You can find me with Knowledge and Good Planning. 13If a person respects the Lord, then that person will hate evil. I (Wisdom) hate pride and people who think they are better than other people. I hate evil ways, and a lying mouth.  14But I give people the ability to make good decisions and have good judgment. I give understanding and power! 15Kings use me to rule. Rulers use me to make fair laws. 16Every good ruler on earth uses me to rule the people under them. 17I love people who love me. And if people try hard to find me, they will find me. 18I also have riches and honor to give. I give true wealth and success. 19The things I give are better than fine gold. And my gifts are better than pure silver. 20I lead people in the right way. I lead them along the paths of right judgment. 21I give wealth to people who love me. Yes, I fill their houses with treasures. 22I was the first thing the Lord made, long ago in the beginning. 23I was made in the beginning. I was made first, before the world. 24I was formed before the oceans; I was made before there was water. 25I was born before the mountains. I was born before the hills. 26I was born before the Lord made the earth. I was born before the fields. I was born before God made the first dust of the world. 27I was there when the Lord made the skies. I was there when the Lord drew the circle around the land and set the limits for the ocean. 28I was born before the Lord put the clouds in the sky. And I was there when the Lord put water in the ocean. 29I was there when the Lord set the limits for water in the seas. The water can’t rise higher than the Lord allows. I was there when the Lord made the foundations of the earth. 30I was beside him like a skilled worker. The Lord was happy every day because of me. I made him laugh and be happy all the time. 31The Lord was excited about the world he made. He was happy about the people that he put there. 32“Now, children, listen to me! You can be happy too, if you follow my ways! 33Listen to my teachings and become wise. Don’t refuse to listen. 34The person who listens to me will be happy. He watches every day at my doors. He waits at my doorway. 35Any person who finds me finds life. He will get good things from the Lord! 36But the person who sins against me hurts himself. All people who hate me love death!”

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