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Psalm 62

To the director.* To Jeduthun. One of David’s songs.

1{No matter what happens,} my soul waits patiently for God {to save me}. My salvation comes only from him.* 2{I may have many enemies,} but God is my fortress.* God saves me. God is my place of safety high on the mountain. Not even great armies can defeat me. 3How long will you attack me? I am like a leaning wall, a fence ready to fall. 4In spite of my important position, those people are planning to destroy me. It makes them happy to tell lies about me. In public, they say good things about me, but in private, they curse me. SELAH* 5My soul, wait patiently for God {to save me}! God is my only hope. 6God is my fortress.* God saves me. God is my place of safety high on the mountain. 7My glory and victory comes from God. He is my strong fortress. God is my place of safety. 8People, trust God all the time! Tell God about all your problems.* God is our place of safety. SELAH* 9People can’t really help. You can’t trust them to really help. Compared to God, they are like nothing, like a gentle puff of air! 10Don’t trust the power to take things by force. Don’t think you will gain anything by stealing. And if you become rich, don’t trust your riches to help you.  11God says there is one thing you can really depend on (and I believe it): “Strength comes from God!” 12My Master, your love is real. You reward or punish a person for the things he does.

director Or, “performer.” No matter … from him Or, “My soul finds peace only in God. He is the One who saves me!” fortress A building or city with tall, strong walls for protection. Tell God … problems Literally, “Pour out your hearts to him (God).” SELAH This word is for the musicians. It probably means the singers should pause here or the music should be louder here.

Psalm 63

One of David’s songs. From the time he was in the desert of Judah.

1God, you are my God. And I want you so much. My soul and my body thirst for you, like a dry, weary land with no water. 2Yes, I have seen you in your temple. I have seen your strength and glory. 3Your love is better than life. My lips praise you. 4Yes, I will praise you in my life. In your name, I lift my arms in prayer. 5I will be satisfied as if I had eaten the best foods. And with joyful lips my mouth will praise you.* 6I will remember you while lying on my bed. I will remember you in the middle of the night. 7You really have helped me! I am happy that you protected me! 8My soul clings to you. And you hold my hand. 9Some people are trying to kill me. But they will be destroyed. They will go down to their graves. 10They will be killed with swords. Wild dogs will eat their dead bodies. 11But the king will be happy with his God. And the people who promised to obey him will praise God. Why? Because he defeated all those liars.

I will be … praise you Or, “My throat is filled with the richest foods of the feast and with joyful lips my mouth praises you.”

Psalm 64

To the director.* One of David’s songs.

1God, listen to me. My enemy threatened me. Protect my life from him! 2Protect me from the secret plans of my enemies. Hide me from those wicked people. 3They have told many bad lies about me. Their tongues are like sharp swords, their bitter words like arrows. 4Then suddenly, without fear,* they shoot from their hiding places, at a simple, honest man. 5They encourage each other to do wrong. They talk about setting their traps. They tell each other, “No one will see the traps!” 6They have hidden their traps. They are looking for victims.* (People can be very tricky. It is hard to know what people are thinking.) 7But God can shoot his “arrows” too! And before they know it, the evil people are wounded. 8Evil people plan to do bad things to other people. But God can {ruin their plans,} and make those bad things happen to them. Then everyone that sees them will shake their heads in amazement. 9People will see what God has done. They will tell other people about him. Then everyone will learn more about God. They will learn to fear and respect him. 10A good person is happy {to serve} the Lord. He depends on God. And when good honest people {see what happens}, they praise the Lord!

director Or, “performer.” without fear Or, “without honor” or “without respect.” They have hidden … victims Or, “They look for evil plans saying, ‘We have the perfect plan.’”

Psalm 65

To the director.* One of David’s songs of praise.

1God on Zion,* I praise you. I give you the things I promised. 2We tell about the things you have done. And you hear our prayers. You hear the prayers of every person who comes to you. 3When our sins become too heavy for us, you take away those sins. 4God, you chose your people. You chose us to come to your temple and worship you. And we are very happy! We have all the wonderful things in your temple, your holy palace. 5God, you save us. Good people pray to you, and you answer their prayers. You do amazing things for them. People all around the world trust you. 6God made the mountains with his power. We see his power all around us. 7God made the rough seas calm. And God made the “oceans” of people on the earth. 8People all around the world are amazed at the wonderful things you do. The sunrise and sunset makes us so happy! 9You take care of the land. You water it and make it grow things. God, you fill the streams with water and make the crops grow. 10You pour the rain on the plowed fields. You soak the fields with water. You make the ground soft with rain, and you make the young plants grow. 11You start the new year with a good harvest. You load the wagons with many crops.* 12The desert and hills are covered with grass. 13The pastures are covered with sheep. The valleys are filled with grain. Everyone is singing and shouting with happiness.

director Or, “performer.” Zion The southeast part of the mountain Jerusalem is built on. Sometimes it means the people of God living in Jerusalem. harvest … crops In ancient Israel there were two calenders. The calendar for religious holidays began in the spring, at barley harvest. The other calendar started in the fall, when they gathered other crops.

Psalm 66

To the director.* A song of praise.

1Everything on earth, shout with joy to God! 2Praise his glorious name! Honor him with songs of praise! 3Tell God how wonderful his works are! God, your power is very great! Your enemies bow down. They are afraid of you! 4Let the whole world worship you. Let everyone sing praises to your name. SELAH* 5Look at the things God did! Those things amaze us. 6God made the sea become dry land.* His happy people walked across the river.* 7God rules the world with his great power. God watches people everywhere. No person can rebel against him. SELAH* 8People, praise our God. Sing loud songs of praise to him. 9God gave us life. And God protects us. 10God tested us, like people test silver with fire. 11God, you let us be trapped. You put heavy burdens on us. 12You let our enemies walk on us. You dragged us through fire and water. But you brought us to a safe place. 13–14So I will bring sacrifices* to your temple. When I was in trouble, I asked you for help. I made many promises to you. Now, I am giving you the things that I promised.  15I am giving you sin offerings. I am giving you incense* with the rams. I am giving you bulls and goats. SELAH* 16All of you people worshiping God, come and I will tell you what God did for me. 17I prayed to him. I praised him. 18My heart was pure, so my Master listened to me. 19God listened to me. God heard my prayer. 20Praise God! God did not turn away from me—he listened to my prayer. God showed his love to me!

director Or, “performer.”  SELAH This word is for the musicians. It probably means the singers should pause here or the music should be louder here. sea become dry land This was with Moses at the Red Sea. See Ex. 14. walked across the river This was with Joshua at the Jordan River. See Joshua 3:14–17. sacrifice(s) A sacrifice was a gift to God. Usually, it was a special animal that was killed and burned on an altar. incense Special dried tree sap. Burned to make a sweet-smelling smoke, it was offered as a gift to God.

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