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He Speaks

5 My darling* my bride, I have entered my garden.  I have gathered my myrrh* and spice.  I have eaten my honey and honeycomb.  I have drunk my wine and milk.

The Women Speak to the Lovers

Dearest friends, eat, drink!  Be drunk with love!

She Speaks

2I am asleep, but my heart is awake.  I hear my lover knocking.  “Open to me, my darling,* my love, my dove, my perfect one!  My head is soaked with dew.  My hair is wet with the mist of the night.” 3“I have taken off my robe.  I don’t want to put it on again.  I have washed my feet, I don’t want to get them dirty again.” 4But my lover put his hand through the opening,* and I felt sorry for him.* 5I got up to open for my lover, myrrh dripping from my hands, myrrh* scented lotion dripped from my fingers onto the handles of the lock. 6I opened for my lover, but my lover had turned away and was gone!  I nearly died when he came and went.* I looked for him, but I couldn’t find him; I called for him, but he didn’t answer me. 7The guards patrolling the city found me.  They hit me.  They hurt me.  The guards on the wall took my robe* from me. 8I tell you, women of Jerusalem, if you find my lover, tell him I am weak with love.*

The Women of Jerusalem Answer Her

9Beautiful woman, how is your lover different from other lovers?  Is your lover better than other lovers?  Is that why you ask us to make this promise?

She Answers the Women of Jerusalem

10My lover is tanned and radiant (shining).  He would stand out among 10,000 men.  11His head is like the purest gold.  His hair is curly and as black as a raven. 12His eyes are like doves by a stream, like doves in a pool of milk, {like a jewel} in its setting. 13His cheeks are like a garden of spices, like flowers used for perfume.  His lips {are like} lilies,* dripping with liquid myrrh* 14His arms are like gold rods, filled with jewels.  His body is like smooth ivory with sapphires* set in it. 15His legs are like marble pillars, on bases of fine gold.  He stands tall like the finest cedar tree in Lebanon! 16Yes, women of Jerusalem, my lover is the most desirable.  His mouth is the sweetest of all.  That is my lover, that is my darling.

darling Literally, “sister.” myrrh A kind of perfume made from the sap of plants. put his hand through the opening Or “pulled his hand from the opening.” In one sense, this might refer to a lock and key.  Some ancient keys were shaped like a hand. The key was inserted through a hole in the door, and the “fingers” fit into special holes that allowed the bolt to slide, locking and unlocking the door. I felt sorry for him Literally, “My insides stirred for him.” myrrh A kind of perfume made from the sap of plants. Here this is probably a reminder the lover left to show he had come by her house. I nearly died … went Or, “My soul left when he spoke.” robe Or, “veil, a piece of cloth used to cover a person’s face.” I am weak with love Literally, “I am lovesick.” lily Kind of flower. Here it is probably a red flower. sapphires Blue stones.

The Women of Jerusalem Speak to Her

6 Beautiful woman, where has your lover gone? Which way did your lover go? Tell us so we can help you look for him.

She Answers the Women of Jerusalem

2My lover has gone down to his garden, to the flower beds of spices.  He went to feed in the gardens, and gather the lilies. 3I belong to my lover, and my lover belongs to me.  He is the one feeding among the lilies.

He Speaks to Her

4My darling, you are as beautiful as Tirzah,* as pleasant as Jerusalem; as awesome as those fortified cities.* 5Don’t look at me!  Your eyes excite me too much!  And your hair {is long and flowing}, like little goats dancing down the slopes of Mount Gilead. 6Your teeth are white like ewes* just coming from their bath.  They all give birth to twins.  Not one of them has lost a baby. 7Your temples* under your veil* are like slices of pomegranate.* 8There might be 60 queens and 80 women servants,* and young women too many to count, 9but there is only one {woman for me}, my dove, my perfect one. She is the favorite of her mother, her mother’s favorite child! The young women see her and praise her. Even the queens and women servants* praise her.

The Women Praise Her

10Who is that young woman?  She shines out like the dawn.  She is as pretty as the moon, She is as radiant as the sun, She is as awesome as those armies in the sky.*

She Speaks

11I went down to the grove of walnut trees, to see the fruit of the valley, to see if the vines were in bloom, to see if the pomegranates* had budded. 12Before I realized it,* my soul had placed me in the chariots* of the king’s people.*

The Women of Jerusalem Call to Her

13Come back, come back, Shulamith!* Come back, come back, so we may look at you.  Why are you staring at Shulamith, as she dances the Mahanaim dance?*

Tirzah One of the capitals of northern Israel. fortified cities We are not sure of the exact meaning of the Hebrew word here and in verse 10. ewes Female goats. temples The sides of the head. veil A piece of cloth used to cover a person’s face. pomegranate A red fruit with many tiny seeds inside it. Each seed is covered with a soft, tasty part of the fruit. women servants Or, “concubines,” slave women who were like wives to a man. those armies in the sky We are not sure of the exact meaning of the Hebrew word here and in verse 4. Before I realized it In Hebrew this verse is very hard to understand. chariot(s) A small wagon used in war. But here this might mean one of the traveling chairs, as in 3:7. the king’s people Or, “Amminadib,” or “my kingly people.” Shulamith Or, “Shulamite.” The word might be the feminine form of the name “Solomon.” This could mean she was or would become the bride of Solomon. This name might also mean, “perfect, at peace” or “woman from Shunem.” Mahanaim dance Or, “the victory dance,” or “the dance of the two camps.”

He Praises Her Beauty

7 Princess,* your feet are beautiful in those sandals.  The curves of your thighs are like jewelry made by an artist. 2Your navel is like a round cup;* may it never be without wine. Your belly is like a pile of wheat bordered with lilies. 3Your breasts are like twin fawns* of a young gazelle.* 4Your neck is like an ivory tower.  Your eyes are like the pools in Heshbon near the gate of Bath Rabbim.  Your nose is like the tower of Lebanon which looks toward Damascus. 5Your head is like Carmel, and the hair on your head is like silk.  Your long flowing hair captures even a king! 6You are so beautiful!  And so pleasant!  A lovely, delightful young woman! 7You are tall, as tall as a palm tree.  And your breasts are like the clusters of fruit on that tree. 8I would love to climb that tree, and take hold of its branches.  May your breasts be like clusters of grapes and your fragrance* like apples. 9May your mouth be like the best wine, flowing straight to my love, flowing gently to the sleepers’ lips.

She Speaks to Him

10I belong to my lover, and he wants me! 11Come, my lover, let’s go out into the field, let’s spend the night in the villages. 12Let’s get up early and go to the vineyards.  Let’s see if the vines are in bloom.  Let’s see if the blossoms have opened and if the pomegranates* are in bloom.  There I will give you my love. 13Smell the mandrakes* and all the pleasant flowers by our door!  Yes, I have saved many pleasant things for you, my lover.  Pleasant things, new and old!

Princess Literally, “Bath Nadib: Daughter of a prince.” This is like the word “Amminadib” in 6:12. round cup Or “turned bowl,” a stone bowl made on a lathe and used for mixing wine before it is poured into cups. This might also mean a bowl shaped like a crescent or half-moon. fawns Baby deer. gazelle An animal like a deer or antelope. fragrance Literally, “breath of your nose.” pomegranates A red fruit with many tiny seeds inside it. Each seed is covered with a soft, tasty part of the fruit. mandrakes Plants with roots that look like people. People thought these plants had the power to make people fall in love.

8 {If} you were a baby, like my little brother nursing at his mother’s breasts, then if I found you outside, I could kiss you, and no one would say it was wrong! 2I would lead you into my mother’s house, to the room of she who taught me.  I would give you spiced wine squeezed from my pomegranate.*

She Speaks to the Women

3His left arm is under my head, and his right hand holds me. 4Women of Jerusalem, promise me, don’t wake love, don’t arouse love, until I am ready.*

The Women of Jerusalem Speak

5Who is this woman coming from the desert, leaning on her lover?

She Speaks to Him

I woke you under the apple tree, where your mother bore you, where you were born. 6Keep me {near you} like a seal you wear over your heart, like a signet ring* you wear on your hand.  Love is as strong as death. Passion is as strong as the grave.* Its sparks become a flame and it grows to become a great fire!* 7A flood cannot put out love.  Rivers cannot drown love.  Would people despise a man for giving everything he owns for love!

Her Brothers Speak

8We have a little sister, and her breasts are not yet grown.  What should we do for our sister when a man comes asking to marry her. 9If she were a wall, we would put silver trim* around her.  If she were a door, we would put a cedar board around her.

She Answers Her Brothers

10I am a wall, and my breasts are my towers.  And he is satisfied with me!*

He Speaks

11Solomon had a vineyard at Baal Hamon.  He put men in charge of that field of grapes.  And each man brought in grapes worth 1,000 shekels* of silver. 12Solomon, you can keep your 1,000 shekels.  Give 200 shekels to each man for the grapes he brought.  But I will keep my own field of grapes!

He Speaks to Her

13There you sit, in the garden, friends are listening to your voice.  Let me hear it too!

She Speaks to Him

14Hurry, my lover.  Be like a gazelle* or a young deer on the mountains of spice!

until I am ready Literally, “until it desires.” seal … signet ring Things that were pressed into clay or hot wax to leave a special mark. This mark was like a person’s signature, so it was very important not to lose these things. the grave Or, “Sheol,” the place where dead people go. great fire Or, “the flame of the Lord.”  trim Or “supports.” Often horizontal beams and towers were built into walls to strengthen and support them. But here this seems to be a decoration. he is satisfied with me Literally, “In his eyes I find peace.” In Hebrew this is also like the names “Solomon” and “Shulamith.” 1,000 shekels About 25 pounds. gazelle An animal like a deer or antelope.

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