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Pray (verb):

The New Testament was written in the Greek language.  There are five Greek words that are translated into the English verb "pray."

  • Euchomai (Greek word #2172) - to wish for.
  • Proseuchomai (Greek word #4336) - to pray.
  • Erotao (Greek word #2065) - to ask to make request for.
  • Deomai (Greek word #1189) - to desire or beseech (to beg for urgently or anxiously)
  • Parakaleo (Greek word #3870) - to call to one's aid; to call near.

Prayer (noun):

The first time the word prayer (noun) is found in the New Testament is in Matthew 17:21.  The English noun "prayer" is from the following Greek words:

  • Euche (Greek word #2171) - a prayer or vow.
  • Proseuche (Greek word #4335 - prayer to God.
  • Deesis (Greek word #1162) - a wanting, need, supplication.
  • Enteuxis (Greek word #1783) - prayer.


According to the information above, which of the following words or phrases would not be a description of the word pray:

  1. To ask, desire, wish, make request, beseech.
  2. To call to one's aid or to call near.
  3. To meditate on my own thoughts.

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