Grace and Faith

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What is Grace?

The definition of the word "grace" is "unmerited favor."  In other you look at the grace of God or the grace of Jesus...what God and Jesus did for us was:

  • A great blessing or favor for us, and
  • Was not earned or merited by us.

Two Examples

Let's say that you work 50 hours in a week.  At the end of that week, you receive a paycheck for $500.  The paycheck you received is a great blessing or favor...but it is not grace.  The paycheck that you received is something that you earned by the work you performed (or the work you should have performed). 

However, using a similar example...let's say that you were unable to work because of illness.  At the end of the week you receive nothing from your employer.  But a stranger comes up and gives you a check for $500 because of the love they have in their heart.  This is an example of grace.  You did not earn the money, nor did you deserve that great blessing or favor from that stranger...but yet you still have access to the gift.

As a side order for you to receive the $500, you must take the stranger's check and cash it or deposit it in your account.  The tasks that you perform (e.g., going to the bank, endorsing the check, etc.) are conditional for you to receive the gift.  If you choose not to cash or deposit the will never receive the benefit of the gift.  But if you do choose to cash or deposit the also know that your efforts to accept the gift are by no means sufficient to earn the gift you are receiving.

The Grace of God and Jesus:

Throughout history, God and Jesus have bestowed their never-ending grace upon mankind.  When the New Testament speaks of grace, it is usually referring to the specific gospel of grace that involves Jesus coming to this earth to die for our sins...and to be raised from the grave.  Let's look at this specific example of grace...and how it relates specifically to our salvation:

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The Building Blocks of God's Grace