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Correct.  Keep up the good work!

In all of the scriptures in the preceding example, there was some action or work associated with their faithfulness.  Even God's faithfulness is demonstrated by the things that He does:

"For the word of the LORD is upright; and all His work is done in faithfulness." Psalm 33:4

Faith Leads to Action

Many times in the Old Testament, God would tell His people what He wanted them to do.  As they obeyed God's command, they were described as being "faithful"....or "faithfully" completing God's will.  Many examples were given on the preceding page.

Faith Not Requiring Action?

Although in many instances faith caused a person to obey God's commands...there are some instances in the Bible where there is no related command or requirement that God gives to man...but yet faith is still required.  We'll look at this later in this lesson.

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