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Section 3B of Preface: The Souls of the Dead

Throughout the Old and New Testaments, the scriptures tell of where our souls go when we die. In the next few questions, we will explore what these scriptures teach.

Numbers 16:30 -- "But if the LORD brings about an entirely new thing and the ground opens its mouth and swallows them up with all that is theirs, and they descend alive into Sheol, then you will understand that these men have spurned the LORD." (NAS)

2 Samuel 22:6 -- The cords of Sheol surrounded me; the snares of death confronted me. (NAS)

Psalm 6:5 -- For there is no mention of Thee in death; in Sheol who will give Thee thanks? (NAS)

Psalm 16:10 -- For Thou wilt not abandon my soul to Sheol; neither wilt Thou allow Thy Holy One to undergo decay. (NAS)

Psalm 49:14 -- As sheep they are appointed for Sheol; death shall be their shepherd; and the upright shall rule over them in the morning; and their form shall be for Sheol to consume, so that they have no habitation. (NAS)


According to the Old Testament scriptures above, what is one of the names given to the place of the dead?

Heaven Ocean Sheol

Additional Scriptures:

Genesis 37:35 -- Then all his sons and all his daughters arose to comfort him, but he refused to be comforted. And he said, "Surely I will go down to Sheol in mourning for my son." So his father wept for him. (NAS)

Genesis 42:38  -- But Jacob said, "My son shall not go down with you; for his brother is dead, and he alone is left. If harm should befall him on the journey you are taking, then you will bring my gray hair down to Sheol in sorrow." (NAS)

Genesis 44:29 -- `And if you take this one also from me, and harm befalls him, you will bring my gray hair down to Sheol in sorrow.' (NAS)

Genesis 44:31 -- it will come about when he sees that the lad is not with us, that he will die. Thus your servants will bring the gray hair of your servant our father down to Sheol in sorrow. (NAS)

Numbers 16:33 -- So they and all that belonged to them went down alive to Sheol; and the earth closed over them, and they perished from the midst of the assembly. (NAS)

Deuteronomy 32:22 -- For a fire is kindled in My anger, and burns to the lowest part of Sheol, and consumes the earth with its yield, and sets on fire the foundations of the mountains. (NAS)

1 Samuel 2:6 -- "The LORD kills and makes alive; He brings down to Sheol and raises up. (NAS)

I Kings 2:6 -- "So act according to your wisdom, and do not let his gray hair go down to Sheol in peace. (NAS)

I Kings 2:9 -- "Now therefore, do not let him go unpunished, for you are a wise man; and you will know what you ought to do to him, and you will bring his gray hair down to Sheol with blood." (NAS)

Job 7:9 -- "When a cloud vanishes, it is gone, so he who goes down to Sheol does not come up. (NAS)

Job 11:8 -- "They are high as the heavens, what can you do? Deeper than Sheol, what can you know? (NAS)

Job 14:13 -- "Oh that Thou wouldst hide me in Sheol, that Thou wouldst conceal me until Thy wrath returns to Thee, that Thou wouldst set a limit for me and remember me! (NAS)

Job 17:13 -- "If I look for Sheol as my home, I make my bed in the darkness; (NAS)

Job 17:16 -- "Will it go down with me to Sheol? Shall we together go down into the dust?" (NAS)

Job 21:13 -- "They spend their days in prosperity, and suddenly they go down to Sheol. (NAS)

Job 24:19 -- "Drought and heat consume the snow waters, so does Sheol those who have sinned. (NAS)

Job 26:6 -- "Naked is Sheol before Him And Abaddon has no covering. (NAS)

Job 33:18 -- He keeps back his soul from the pit, and his life from passing over into Sheol. (NAS)

Psalm 9:17 -- The wicked will return to Sheol, even all the nations who forget God. (NAS)

Psalm 18:5 -- The cords of Sheol surrounded me; the snares of death confronted me. (NAS)

Psalm 30:3 -- O LORD, Thou hast brought up my soul from Sheol; Thou hast kept me alive, that I should not go down to the pit. (NAS)

Psalm 31:17 -- Let me not be put to shame, O LORD, for I call upon Thee; let the wicked be put to shame, let them be silent in Sheol. (NAS)

Psalm 49:15 -- But God will redeem my soul from the power of Sheol; for He will receive me. Selah. (NAS)

Psalm 55:15 -- Let death come deceitfully upon them; let them go down alive to Sheol, for evil is in their dwelling, in their midst. (NAS)

Psalm 86:13 -- For Thy lovingkindness toward me is great, and Thou hast delivered my soul from the depths of Sheol. (NAS)

Psalm 88:3 -- For my soul has had enough troubles, and my life has drawn near to Sheol. (NAS)

Psalm 89:48 -- What man can live and not see death? Can he deliver his soul from the power of Sheol? Selah. (NAS)

Psalm 116:3 -- The cords of death encompassed me, and the terrors of Sheol came upon me; I found distress and sorrow. (NAS)

Psalm 139:8 -- If I ascend to heaven, Thou art there; if I make my bed in Sheol, behold, Thou art there. (NAS)

Psalm 141:7 -- As when one plows and breaks open the earth, our bones have been scattered at the mouth of Sheol. (NAS)

Proverbs 1:12 -- Let us swallow them alive like Sheol, even whole, as those who go down to the pit; (NAS)

Proverbs 5:5 -- Her feet go down to death, her steps lay hold of Sheol. (NAS)

Proverbs 7:27 -- Her house is the way to Sheol, descending to the chambers of death. (NAS)

Proverbs 9:18 -- But he does not know that the dead are there, that her guests are in the depths of Sheol. (NAS)

Proverbs 15:11 -- Sheol and Abaddon lie open before the LORD, how much more the hearts of men! (NAS)

Proverbs 15:24 -- The path of life leads upward for the wise, that he may keep away from Sheol below. (NAS)

Proverbs 23:14 -- You shall beat him with the rod, and deliver his soul from Sheol. (NAS)

Proverbs 27:20 -- Sheol and Abaddon are never satisfied, nor are the eyes of man ever satisfied. (NAS)

Proverbs 30:16 -- Sheol, and the barren womb, earth that is never satisfied with water, and fire that never says, "Enough." (NAS)

Ecclesiastes 9:10 -- Whatever your hand finds to do, verily, do it with all your might; for there is no activity or planning or knowledge or wisdom in Sheol where you are going. (NAS)

Song of Solomon 8:6 -- "Put me like a seal over your heart, like a seal on your arm. For love is as strong as death, jealousy is as severe as Sheol; its flashes are flashes of fire, the very flame of the LORD. (NAS)

Isaiah 5:14 -- Therefore Sheol has enlarged its throat and opened its mouth without measure; and Jerusalem's splendor, her multitude, her din of revelry, and the jubilant within her, descend into it. (NAS)

Isaiah 7:11 -- "Ask a sign for yourself from the LORD your God; make it deep as Sheol or high as heaven." (NAS)

Isaiah 14:9 -- "Sheol from beneath is excited over you to meet you when you come; it arouses for you the spirits of the dead, all the leaders of the earth; it raises all the kings of the nations from their thrones. (NAS)

Isaiah 14:11 -- `Your pomp and the music of your harps have been brought down to Sheol; Maggots are spread out as your bed beneath you, and worms are your covering.' (NAS)

Isaiah 14:15 -- "Nevertheless you will be thrust down to Sheol, to the recesses of the pit. (NAS)

Isaiah 28:15 -- Because you have said, "We have made a covenant with death, and with Sheol we have made a pact. The overwhelming scourge will not reach us when it passes by, for we have made falsehood our refuge and we have concealed ourselves with deception." (NAS)

Isaiah 28:18 -- "And your covenant with death shall be canceled, and your pact with Sheol shall not stand; when the overwhelming scourge passes through, then you become its trampling place. (NAS)

Isaiah 38:10 -- I said, "In the middle of my life I am to enter the gates of Sheol; I am to be deprived of the rest of my years." (NAS)

Isaiah 38:18 -- "For Sheol cannot thank Thee, death cannot praise Thee; those who go down to the pit cannot hope for Thy faithfulness. (NAS)

Isaiah 57:9 -- "And you have journeyed to the king with oil and increased your perfumes; you have sent your envoys a great distance, and made them go down to Sheol. (NAS)

Ezekiel 31:15 -- `Thus says the Lord GOD, "On the day when it went down to Sheol I caused lamentations; I closed the deep over it and held back its rivers. And its many waters were stopped up, and I made Lebanon mourn for it, and all the trees of the field wilted away on account of it. (NAS)

Ezekiel 31:16 -- "I made the nations quake at the sound of its fall when I made it go down to Sheol with those who go down to the pit; and all the well-watered trees of Eden, the choicest and best of Lebanon, were comforted in the earth beneath. (NAS)

Ezekiel 31:17 -- "They also went down with it to Sheol to those who were slain by the sword; and those who were its strength lived under its shade among the nations. (NAS)

Ezekiel 32:21 -- "The strong among the mighty ones shall speak of him and his helpers from the midst of Sheol, `They have gone down, they lie still, the uncircumcised, slain by the sword.' (NAS)

Ezekiel 32:27 -- "Nor do they lie beside the fallen heroes of the uncircumcised, who went down to Sheol with their weapons of war, and whose swords were laid under their heads; but the punishment for their iniquity rested on their bones, though the terror of these heroes was once in the land of the living. (NAS)

Hosea 13:14 -- Shall I ransom them from the power of Sheol? Shall I redeem them from death? O death, where are your thorns? O Sheol, where is your sting? Compassion will be hidden from My sight. (NAS)

Hosea 13:14 -- Shall I ransom them from the power of Sheol? Shall I redeem them from death? O death, where are your thorns? O Sheol, where is your sting? Compassion will be hidden from My sight. (NAS)

Amos 9:2 2 -- "Though they dig into Sheol, from there shall My hand take them; and though they ascend to heaven, from there will I bring them down. (NAS)

Jonah 2:2 2 -- and he said, "I called out of my distress to the LORD, and He answered me. I cried for help from the depth of Sheol; Thou didst hear my voice. (NAS)

Habakkuk 2:5 --"Furthermore, wine betrays the haughty man, so that he does not stay at home. He enlarges his appetite like Sheol, and he is like death, never satisfied. He also gathers to himself all nations and collects to himself all peoples. (NAS)