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Correct. Keep up the good work.

"As sheep they are appointed for Sheol; death shall be their shepherd; and the upright shall rule over them in the morning; and their form shall be for Sheol to consume, so that they have no habitation. But God will redeem my soul from the power of Sheol; for He will receive me. Selah." Psalm 49:15 (NAS)

The Hebrew word used in the original Greek text is "Sheol." Some translators use the same word Sheol in the English texts, and others translate the Hebrew word into the English word "grave."

When you die, do you want your soul to remain under the power of Sheol (the power of death)?  Or do you look for God's plan to redeem your soul (to purchase it so that it can be released from the gates of Sheol or Hades)?

What will Hades/Sheol be like?

When we or others die, what is it like in Hades or Sheol (the place of the dead)?

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