Self-Evaluation for Lesson 1:

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is the purpose of the self-examination?  If you answer questions about your knowledge about the gospel of Jesus Christ and the things that you did, or the things that occurred in your life that led you to believe that you were saved from your sins...then you can compare this information later to the things that you will learn from the Bible going through this lesson 1.  If you see a difference between what you did...and what the Bible says that you must do, then you can decide if a change is needed in your life.
  • How long does the self-examination take?  The answers should only take a minute or two at the most.
  • Who will see this information?  We do not ask for your name or any information that would identify who you are.  Although our system tracks the numbers of clicks on each page, we do not track responses by individual.  That is why we ask you to print out the page after you are done so that you will have a record of your responses to keep until you finish Lesson 1.  This is time for self-reflection, so you don't need to guess the answers that you think may be right...but rather what you have actually thought, done, or believed.
  • Can I skip the self-examination?  Yes, just keep clicking any response until you get to the start of Lesson 1.
  • Other questions?  If would like to talk to someone about your spiritual situation or if you have other questions, click on "Contact" above to send an email (or send an email to ) and we will try to respond to your email as soon as possible.