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Psalm 110

One of David’s songs of praise.

1The Lord said to my master, “Sit by me at my right side, while I put your enemies under your control.*” 2The Lord will help your kingdom grow. Your kingdom will start at Zion,* and {it will grow until} you rule your enemies in their own countries! 3Your people will volunteer when you gather your army together. They will wear their special clothes and meet together early in the morning. Those young men will be {all around you} like dew on the ground.* 4The Lord made a promise, and he will not change his mind. “You are a priest forever—the kind of priest Melchizedek was.” 5My Master is at your right side. He will defeat the other kings when he becomes angry. 6God will judge the nations. The ground will be covered with dead bodies. And God will punish the leaders of powerful nations. 7The king will drink from a stream on the way. Then he will lift his head and become strong!*

and I … control Or, “until I make your enemies a footstool for your feet.” Zion The southeast part of the mountain Jerusalem is built on. Sometimes it means the people of God living in Jerusalem. Your people … ground Literally, "Your people will be freewill offerings on your day of power. In holy splendor from the womb of dawn your dew of youth will be yours." lift his head and become strong Literally, “lift his head.” Here the poet probably means two things: “He will raise his head after drinking the water” and “He will become strong or important.”

Psalm 111*

1Praise the Lord! I thank the Lord with all my heart in the assembly where good people meet together. 2The Lord does wonderful things. People want those good things that come from God. 3God does truly glorious and wonderful things. His goodness continues forever.  4God does amazing things so that we will remember that the Lord is kind and merciful. 5God gives food to his followers. God remembers his Agreement* forever. 6The powerful things God did, showed his people that he was giving their land to them. 7Everything God does is good and fair. All his commands can all be trusted. 8God’s commands will continue forever. God’s reasons for giving those commands were honest and pure. 9God sent {someone} to rescue his people. God made his Agreement {with them} that would continue forever. God’s name is amazing and holy. 10Wisdom begins with fear and respect for God. People who obey God are very wise. Praises will be sung to God forever.

Psalm 111 In Hebrew, each section of this psalm begins with the next letter in the alphabet.  Agreement Literally, “Proof.” The flat stones with the Ten Commandments written on them were proof of the Agreement between God and Israel.

Psalm 112*

1Praise the Lord! A person who fears and respects the Lord will be very happy. That person loves God’s commands. 2His descendants* will be great on earth. The descendants of good people will be truly blessed. 3That person’s family will be very rich. And his goodness will continue forever. 4To good people, God is like a light shining in the dark. God is good and kind and merciful. 5It is good for a person to be kind and generous. It is good for a person to be fair in his business. 6That person will never fall. A good person will be remembered forever. 7He will not be afraid of bad news. That person is confident because he trusts the Lord. 8That person is confident. He will not be afraid. He will defeat his enemies. 9That person freely gives things to poor people. And his goodness will continue forever. 10Wicked people see this and become angry. They will grind their teeth in anger, but then they disappear. Wicked people will not get what they want most.

Psalm 112 In Hebrew, each section of this psalm begins with the next letter in the alphabet. descendants A person’s children and their future families.

Psalm 113

1Praise the Lord! Servants of the Lord, praise him! Praise the Lord’s name. 2May the Lord’s name be blessed, now and forever more. 3May the Lord’s name be praised from the rising sun in the east to the place where the sun goes down. 4The Lord is higher than all nations. His glory rises to the skies. 5No person is like the Lord our God. God sits high in heaven. 6{God is so high above us} that he must look down to see the sky and the earth, 7God lifts poor people out of the dirt. God takes beggars from the garbage dump. 8And God makes those people important. God makes those people important leaders. 9A woman might not have children. But God will give children to her and make her happy. Praise the Lord!

Psalm 114

1Israel left Egypt. Jacob (Israel) left that foreign country. 2Judah became God’s special people. Israel became his kingdom. 3The Red Sea saw this and ran away. The Jordan River turned and ran. 4The mountains danced like rams. The hills danced like lambs.  5Red Sea, why did you run away? Jordan River, why did you turn and run away? 6Mountains, why did you dance like rams? And hills, why did you dance like lambs? 7The earth shook in front of the Master, the Lord God of Jacob. 8God is the One who caused water to flow from a rock. God made a spring of water flow from that hard rock.

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