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Psalm 115

1Lord, we should not receive any honor. The honor belongs to you. The honor is yours because of your love and because we can trust you. 2Why should the nations wonder where our God is? 3God is in heaven, and he does whatever he wants. 4The “gods” of those nations are only statues made from gold and silver. They are only statues that some person made. 5Those statues have mouths, but can’t talk. They have eyes, but can’t see. 6They have ears, but can’t hear. They have noses, but can’t smell. 7They have hands, but can’t feel. They have legs, but can’t walk. And no sounds come from their throats. 8The people who make and trust those statues will become just like them! 9People of Israel, trust the Lord! The Lord is their strength and shield. 10Aaron’s family, trust the Lord! The Lord is their strength and shield. 11Followers of the Lord, trust the Lord! The Lord is their strength and shield. 12The Lord remembers us. The Lord will bless us. The Lord will bless Israel. The Lord will bless Aaron’s family. 13The Lord will bless his followers, great and small. 14I hope the Lord gives more and more to you and your children. 15The Lord made heaven and earth. And the Lord welcomes you!* 16Heaven belongs to the Lord. But he gave the earth to people. 17Dead people don’t praise the Lord. People down in the grave don’t praise the Lord. 18But we bless the Lord now, and we will bless him forever more! Praise the Lord!

the Lord welcomes you Literally, “you are blessed to the Lord.” This can mean that people ask God to do good things for these people or that God welcomes the people with a blessing.

Psalm 116

1I love it when the Lord hears my prayers. 2I love it when he listens to me when I call for help. 3{I almost died!} Death’s ropes were wrapped around me. The grave was closing in around me. I was scared and worried. 4Then I called on the Lord’s name. I said: “Lord, save me!” 5The Lord is good and merciful. God is kind. 6The Lord takes care of helpless people. I was without help, and the Lord saved me. 7My soul, relax! The Lord is caring for you. 8God, you saved my soul from death. You stopped my tears. You kept me from falling. 9I will continue to serve the Lord in the land of the living. 10I continued believing even when I said, “I am ruined!” 11Yes, even when I was afraid and said, “All men are liars!” 12What can I give to the Lord? The Lord gave me everything I have!  13He saved me, so I will give him a drink offering. And I will call on the Lord’s name. 14I will give the Lord the things I promised. I will go in front of all his people now. 15The death of one of the Lord’s followers is very important to the Lord. Lord, I am one of your servants! 16I am your servant, a child of one of your servant women. Lord, you were my first teacher! 17I will give you a thank offering. I will call on the Lord’s name. 18I will give the Lord the things I promised. I will go in front of all his people now. 19I will go to the temple in Jerusalem. Praise the Lord!

Psalm 117

1Praise the Lord, all you nations. Praise the Lord all you people. 2God loves us very much! And God will be true to us forever! Praise the Lord!

Psalm 118

1Honor the Lord because he is God. His true love continues forever! 2Israel, say it. “His true love continues forever!” 3Priests, say it. “His true love continues forever!” 4You people worshiping the Lord, say it. “His true love continues forever!” 5I was in trouble so I called to the Lord for help. The Lord answered me and made me free. 6The Lord is with me, so I will not be afraid. People can’t do anything to hurt me. 7The Lord is my helper. I will see my enemies defeated. 8It is better to trust the Lord than to trust people. 9It is better to trust the Lord than to trust your leaders. 10Many enemies surrounded me. But with the Lord’s power I defeated my enemies. 11Enemies surrounded me again and again. I defeated them with the Lord’s power. 12Enemies surrounded me like a swarm of bees. But, they were quickly finished like a fast burning bush. I defeated them with the Lord’s power. 13My enemy attacked me and almost destroyed me. But the Lord helped me. 14The Lord is my strength and victory song! The Lord saves me! 15You can hear the victory celebration in good people’s houses. The Lord showed his great power again. 16The Lord’s arms are raised in victory. The Lord showed his great power again. 17I will live and not die. And I will tell what the Lord has done. 18The Lord punished me, but he did not let me die. 19Good gates, open for me, and I will come in and worship the Lord. 20Those are the Lord’s gates. Only good people can go through them. 21Lord, I thank you for answering my prayer. I thank you for saving me. 22The stone that the builders did not want became the cornerstone* 23The Lord made this happen, and we think it is wonderful! 24Today is the day the Lord has made. Let’s rejoice and be happy today! 25{The people said,} “Praise the Lord! The Lord saved us!* 26Welcome the man coming in the name of the Lord.” {The priests answered,} “We welcome you to the Lord’s house! 27The Lord is God. And he accepts us. Tie up the lamb for the sacrifice* {and carry it} to the horns of the altar.”* 28Lord, you are my God and I thank you. I praise you! 29Praise the Lord because he is good. His true love is forever.

cornerstone First and most important rock of a building. Praise … The Lord saved us Literally, “Lord, please save us. Lord, please make us successful.” This was a shout of victory to honor the king that was coming back from winning a war. sacrifice(s) A sacrifice was a gift to God. Usually, it was a special animal that was killed and burned on an altar. horns of the altar The corners of the altar.

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