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Use of the Word "Faith" in the Old Testament (continued):

Emuwn and Emuwnah - Two Hebrew Words:

The Old Testament was originally written in the Hebrew language.  If you go back to the oldest Hebrew manuscripts in existence today and look at Deuteronomy 32:20 and Habakkuk 2:4, the Hebrew words used are as follows:

1.  - Emuwn -- Deuteronomy 32:20:

The Hebrew word used in Deuteronomy 32:20 is "emuwn."  This is pronounced: ay-moon'.  Strong's Greek/Hebrew Dictionary defines "emuwn" (Hebrew word #529) as:

  • trustworthiness (abstractly)

2.    - Emuwnah -- Habakkuk 2:4:

The Hebrew word used in Habakkuk 2:4 is "emuwnah" or the alternate spelling is "emunah."  This is pronounced:  em-oo-naw'.  Strong's Greek Hebrew Dictionary defines "emuwnah" (Hebrew word #530) as:

  • the feminine of Hebrew word #529
  • firmness (in a literal sense);
  • security (when used figuratively);
  • fidelity (in a moral sense).

Old Testament Usage of The Two Hebrew Words:

Click below to see the Old Testament verses in which these words are used:

Note:  There are a few other Hebrew words that are on occasion translated as "faith," such as the Hebrew word "emeth."  However "Emuwn" and "Emuwnah" are the principle Hebrew words.


In the Old Testament, the words "faith," "faithfulness," "faithful," etc. are translated into English primarily from how many Hebrew words?

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