Find Christians meeting in your area:

There are tens of thousands of congregations of the church of Christ throughout the world. To find the closest congregation to your area, try to the following sources first:

  1. Phone Directory:  First look in your local yellow pages under the heading "Churches-Church of Christ" or "Churches-nondenominational: Church of Christ."  Or look in the white pages for Church of Christ.
  2. On-Line Directories:  
  3. Email:  If you would like us to help you find a church of Christ in your area, please email us with your City, State and Zip Code.   If outside the U.S. please include Province and Country information. Send the email to:

Important Note:  Although those who are in the churches of Christ are striving to follow the Bible in their actions and teachings, at times we fall short or make mistakes.  If you visit a congregation, please check to see that what is being taught and practiced is in accordance with the Bible.  If you have questions or comments, please bring them to the attention of the elders or preachers there.  We have provided some information in this website (such as Lesson 2, The Church That Jesus Built) to assist you in understanding the scriptures about Jesus' church. 

We pray that you will find a faithful congregation of the church of Christ in your area...and that we may assist you in your spiritual journey. If you would like to start a church of Christ in your area, please contact us at:

Note: Groups with similar names:

Note: We are not affiliated with the following groups which have similar names:

  • Church of Christ Scientist
  • International Churches of Christ
  • United Churches of Christ
  • Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (the Mormons) or any of the other Mormon groups