Section 2 - The Spirit Begins to Be Poured Out

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After hundreds of years of prophecy, the promised Holy Spirit is finally poured out in Acts chapter 2.  

In this section 2, we will look at the events of Acts chapter 2...and how the Spirit would be poured out on all mankind.

This Section 2 of Lesson 5 includes four topics, as follows:


Section 2: The Spirit Begins to Be Poured Out
2A.  The two miraculous events.
2B.  How is the Spirit to be poured out on all flesh?
2C.  Purpose of the Holy Spirit being poured out.
2D.  Warnings with respect to the Spirit, and false spirits.


Section 1 of this Lesson should be completed before starting on Section 2.  If you have not yet completed Section 1 - Before the Spirit was Poured, click here.

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 2 Miraculous Events How is Spirit Poured Purpose of the HS Warnings