Lesson 5 - Section 2C - Purpose of the HS 

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The New Testament gives us great insight into the reasons that the Holy Spirit was given after Jesus ascended to heaven.  This Section 2C will attempt to summarize the reasons, and also discuss the gifts that the Holy Spirit gave to those in the early church:

1. The Spirit is Given to "All That Obey" God (Acts 5:32):

a. As a sign or pledge of a Christian's new relationship with God. Adoption as Sons
b. So the love of God may be poured into a Christian's heart. Love Poured
c. To help the Christian in his or her prayer life. Help With Prayer
d. The Christian becomes the temple of the Holy Spirit. Temple of Spirit
e. The Holy Spirit leads & guides principally through God's word. Leads & Guides

2. The Spirit Was Given to the Apostles & Certain Disciples in those days:

a. To guide them in what they said. What to Speak
b. To cast out demons. Cast Out Demons

3. The Spirit Also Gives Gifts:

a.  Gifts given by the Spirit that will remain and not fade away. Gifts To Remain
b.  Gifts given by the Spirit that were intended to fade away. Gifts That Fade

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1a. Adoption as Sons 1b. Love Poured 1c. Help With Prayer 1d. Temple of Spirit 1e. Leads & Guides 2a. What to Speak 2b. Cast Out Demons 3a. Gifts To Remain 3b. Gifts That Fade